Leviathan / Xasthur

4. Keeper Of Sharpened Blades (And Ominous Fates)

A necrotic spirit casts a suffering in the wind to devour any worth of soul,
Strings from hands of dying trees manipulate loss,
For nature itself withers into industrial rivers,
Windows to scream at (weakness reflects) and tone only shatters your soul.

Dull razors signify life has gone too deep,
The enemy within your sleep,
Keeper of sharpened blades,
The mind can wander but the flesh has nowhere to hide.

Offer of enough rope for eternity to hang itself upon the shadow behind the light,
A darkness none can control,
Choking on their own life and blood.

5. Conjuration Of Terror

A saviour conjured to lead the "blessed" through this hell,
Adverse lords dominate the crimson sky,
Demonic shadows shroud the heavens,
The codes they dreamt (superstitious fears transformed into) engravings on their skin.

Faith led to their own end, nothing remains to resurrect,
Judgment day took a morbid turn,
Christ set the fire, for all to burn (a fallen angel's return).

Running out of tomorrows and tomorrow is now.

The weight of ignorance cursed all their beliefs,
Yet curse the children who have nothing to pray to.

Vomited blood,
Human waste blessed the centuries (only a fool would die for mankind).

A torturous reflection remains of a spherical demise.

6. Instrumental


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