Forever Alone, Immortal

1. The Kingdom Is Mine

remember? you pushed my body into the mud
you turned my head into stone
you broke my wings
remember? you turned my limbs into snaketails
you've forgotten about my existence
ha! you fool! you've forgotten me!

thousands of sunds have passed
as i've been crawling in my own blood
miriads of years i've been waiting
for the beautiful day of payback
i speak with the toungue of all deceived
come, taste the fist of all you have hurt
the time has come, now i stand strained
meet The Advocate of the sinful ones

how dare you, deceiver, to call yourself a god?
with the tears of millions now i burn your eye
i reveal the only truth, i awake the inner might
for i am the highest angel -
The Bringer Of The Light

natus est Dominus...

taste my revenge!
the kingdom is mine!

2. Homodeus

I have crucified a flower, a red rose.
It withers all the year round and blooms only once a year.
On day which will be my birth for all worlds that I don't know.
Which have been waiting for me bombarding with the light of stars.
Lashing down with frost and embracing with tongues of rain.
I will die when the rose blooms.

The gate is big. It reaches to heaven. And hell.

The first step is difficult. Feltering and uncertain.
Drunk with the new experience.
The gate is big but only a light push is enough and the demons
of dreams become my shield and armor.
The guardian angel put to shame falls into the hood of night.
Black mirrors reflect hundredfold every silent breath of my thoughts.
Feltering hope becomes my command.

Is the crown for me? Yes, it is! I deserve the throne, the
sceptre and the cloakwoven out of blood.
Is the crown for me? Yes, it is! I deserve the cloak woven out
of blood, because of blood I've made the sacrifice.

I am the beginning and the power. Prefather. Cosmose.
The gate is big but I move it with a breath of my will.
Light kiss of my imagination's lips.

Does the night wake up the power? Can the spirit be invoked only
by secular rites? Is there only one path?
The answer is my name.
Name written in all books and fragrances of all flowers.
Extracted from the inside of woman body. Moist and hot.
My name - Man! Kneel you idiots, prophets! Kneel you gods!

With a hand stretched out I reach the fruits of knowledge.
Bitter. Hot. Sweet. Titbits of the nightmares.
I have crucified the rose. The gate is big, there is only one path.
Kneel you gods! I am the Man!

In a stretched out and weak palm I hold gifts for you.
I hold storms, lightnings, rain and sun. Incorruptible and eternal.
I shall reign again. I have always reigned.
I am The Man. I Am. This is how my name sounds.
I damned fruit and sceptre, sin and throne. Kneel!

And the kingdoms fall and helpless elements cry.
Mothers swallow their children because there's nothing left after me.
Beggars stretch out their dead hands, women are open and waiting.
I enter the beggars, i give alms to the hot wombs.
I lay down a new Law. Law-Me. the gate is big. Only I can push it.
So kneel you gods, kneel you animals! And kneel you, the farger of the world's history! It's your turn!

In return I shall wash your feet. And I shall pierce my side
and flow down only with purple, only with blood...
In return I shall forgive you your sins.
In return I shall adorn my emples with thorns.
In return I shall die three deaths.
Kneel you liar!
I am The Man!
I am Everything!

3. Sweetest Stench Of The Dead

... and he put immortal souls into fragile, crippled shells
he broke our nexks, he tore our teeth
he wanted us - angels - to become his slaves
and that was the slap that the giants cannot stand

we are the rebel ones
the individuals
the ones that are not afraid
to spit in the tyrant's face

fuck yeah! this means war!

these mountains are the corpses of my brothers
the ocean is the blood of my mother Earth
this is what blind and mad usurper did create...


now i forge my sword
can't wait to face the one and his legions of worms
now I forge my sword
this war must last forever, until the falls from his throne
now I forge my sword
dreaming of sweetest stench, stench of the dead god

4. The Third Eye

from the seven hundred seventy and seven whores
we were born here, within the realm of the blind
with your knees sticked to the soil
rain washed our shoulders
we used to eat worms and dirt
confused, crippled, inhuman we are
the children of the never-life
from poisoned seed of impotant gods
the legion of angels with faces of dogs

now i awake my inner might
rooted down in my divine will

now i can see the road to the throne
i pull the strings, my kingdom is infinite
blind headless gods cowardly hide
blind armless gods cowardly hide
blind soulless gods cowardly hide

the awakening has begun...

5. Apokathastasis

now i drown into The Light

where do these visions come from?
of me naked, drawing cyphers on a sand
leters and sings never known to me

it's me again, making sculptures of ice
that melts under light touch of my lips
(i'm) impotent creator of cold, lifeless shapes

glare of your world on fire reflects in my eyes
now i bath my sword in hot blood of infants
now i kill everything you have ever loved
the world explodes when i awake!

married to The Light
i copulate with the sun

now my body turns into star
now the star becomes my soul
now my soul swallows the world
now my inner world becomes The God

I am The Skeleton Of Universe
I am The All-Father
I am The Might
Light (lux occulta)

6. Bitter Taste Of Victory

deserted... forsaken... abandoned...

where is the promised land?
where is the eden you told me about?
where emotions that once seized my heart?
where are your warm, helpful hands?

yeah... now i see... you are all dead
dead for me

abandoned by friends i've never really had
this is the price we pay for being ourselves
solitude and sorrow for choosing my own way
these are my gardens of sweetest pain

now i swallow my bitter tears
i kill the pain that poisoned my heart
now i piss on your graves

i dance alone
my hateful dance of victory
stronger than ever
forever alone... immortal...

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