Osculum Infame
Dor Nu Fauglith

1. A Prelude To Dor-Nu-Fauglith

2. Under The Sign Of The Beast

Guided by the magical moon-gleam
Melt with the spectral fog
I am the Beast,
Child of Night and Evil
Dictatorial Emperor in my damned land
With a blasphemous nature

I am... The memory of a cruel past
I am... The guardian of elitist and strong values
I am... The Predator
Demonic creature pitted against lies and weakness
The Destructor of Jesus' and David's lambs

Through mystical valleys
Hear my triumphant howilng
Horrific signal for the return of bestial instincts...
Announcement of supremacy...
The awaking of barbaric hordes
Sinister Druids had predicted their reign
Lunar attraction completed their prophecies...

Time of Tyranny and Blood arrives
Mayhemic Hordes led by an ancestral rage
We are the Beasts,
Children of Night and Evil
Our bestial way will triumph forever...

[Autumn 1996]

3. Vampiric Warmaster (Part II)

Incarnation of a dark supremacy
Mysterious and dreadful inheritence of a forgotten past
A mythic Quest: Born from the might of Moon and Shadows
An eternal being: Drakän, Guardian of Eternal Blood
Protector of a pagan and profane tradition
A man born with a spirit, but without soul...
... without pity... without fear...

Centuries ago, he ruled the land of Wallachia
In the shadow of the honour that his ancestors built
A name, a mark, an order... Drakul: Cruel and merciless
He fought for the domination of the world by an elite of initiates
A world where the feeble will be crushed
A sacred mission, inherited from Ancient Times...
A struggle for Supremacy... of men made with the same Heart

For his bloodthirsty feats he was given the name of Tepes...
He made war with art...
Crimes and revenge with delight...
Tortures and suffering with pleasure...
He led an endless fight for power
By his own might, he was a master
Without faith in god, only in himself

Voivod of Wallachia, man of power and pride
Cruel and merciless
Vampire, with an endless thirst of blood to spread
He knew sciences of darkness

It was said he died in the battlefield
The storm lit the struggle of the dark powers against death...
In the shadow of an ancestral vampiric tradition
He laid... A mythic quest... A quest for eternity...
Voivod Drakul: Keeper of eternal blood
Vampiric warmaster

[Summer 1996]

4. Dark Wickedness

Engraved in the oldest parchments
The Dark Story of Blood and Crime
Surrendered to me it's most hated secrets...
Forsaken to the Flames of Wickedness
I lead a struggle within me...
My lust for Cruelty is as strong
As my desire to shed Darkness amongst Blood

Inferno of Tortures...
Poison, Fire and Iron...

It was said to delight in crime and revenge
Among lies...
It was said to exalt in taste of blood
Among horrors...
I laugh with a scornful smile

It was said to blaspheme and to subjugate
Among feeble tears...
I learnt - there's no law before my Will
I learnt - there's no-one above me
I laugh with a scornful smile

Sparkling steel, a strap of leather
Held in my hands with strength
Honour my knife and whip with Blood and Pain
I laugh with a scornful smile
With art and subtlety:
I'll engrave my sign with my knife and whip
Filled by the stench of suffering
Kneel down before Might and Darkness
Honour my knife and whip in your death-throes

[Winter 1995]

5. When Iron Has Been Blended With Blood

6. The Nine Ghosts Of The Ring Of Power

In the malignant spirit of Sauron the Damned
Where born the fabulous Rings of Power
Their work of domination started with Ancient Kings,
Warriors and Wizards -
Perverted by glory and power
Became the slave of the Lord of the Ring:
Spectral were their appearances
As though mere shadows in darkness...

Nazgël, damned souls of the tenebrous Lord...
The Night walks with them:
Death howls from their mouths
Knights of Chaos, riding obscure Dragons...
Horrifying apparitions led by the madness
Of the Prince of barad-Dër

With a blind devotion
The Army of Mordor gathered about
The sinister towers of Minas Morgul
A cursed fortress for the Black Ghosts;
Where forbidden sorcery is practiced.
The beginning of War, marching
To an epic battle against golden armour:
The Chronicle of the Infinite Quest

[Autumn 1996]

7. Kein Entkommen

8. Whisper Of The Witch

A dream...? A call...? Illusion or madness?
I heard my name through a haunting chant
Is it a chant or a gloomy symphony?
Is it a call or my own cry?
In the midst of lament and pain
I see the way and find her
My lost desire, my witch
Guided by my despair...
... She travels through the infinite cycle of the Ages

My Witch, burn me with your infernal beauty
Dark Woman, let us melt in the Dance of Fire and Ice

Share the secrets of Darkness
Your black eyes are the mirror of truth
Where I can see my power
That you make, reborn within me

Dark Woman, take me upon your cosmic travels
My Witch, I want to be the storm of your hate

Build a mighty castle
A fortress for our unholy hearts
Where we'll fly into dark caves
For our quest of wisdom and
Harmony of our melancholic spirits

[Autumn 1995]

9. Among Mist And Shadows...

From the depths of unholy forests
I hear dark voices pronouncing my name
A freezing wind blows on my face
Bringing back memories once forgotten

Powers of the Moon are within me
Beyond Time:
I am the Keeper of the darkest secrets...

An endless night shelters me...
The moonlight shows me a path
Through the mist...
I know I have to follow the Ancient Wind
... I can't live anymore...

Meant to follow in their ways...
In a time... In a place I wasn't born for...
I denied...
- I own the powers of darkness -
- I own the ancestral knowledge -
- The Black Might made me free -

I carry the dark sign...
My blood is as cold as ice...
And my soul, as gloomy as the sky...

Beyond the gate of stone
I carry my hate, my bitterness...
And I know, I'll be back
Even through the Shadows of the Ages
I was meant to live under the Sign of the Dark Star

[Winter 1994]

Dor-Nu-Fauglith was recorded during the onset of Winter 1996
All music composed by Osculum Infame except for "When Iron has been Blended with Blood".
All lyrics written by Osculum Infame except for
Tracks 3, 4, 9 (lyrics by Countess Bathory) and Track 7 (lyric by Konig Asura).

Lyrics in plain text format

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