Closer to God

1. Strange Times

We live in a new dark age
These times are strange
One day the future bright awaits
The very next day it’s bursting in flames

I watch it all safely from my little hole
And frankly, I don’t care at all
I watch it all with a smirk on my face
I’m not longer sure I belong in this place

We live in a new dark age
These times are strange
One day nature sends us a flood
The very next day a virus turns us all mad

I watch it all with supplies in my hands
And see them all suffer, and fight for what’s left
Let me be free in my own sanctuary
I don’t need your help or sympathy
All I can see from here
Are my fading footprints in the sand
And I have no words of wisdom to offer

And I am watching as
The flames grow higher and higher
Higher and higher
They will engulf us all

Come, burning fire
Throw us in the pyre
That’s where we belong
Closer to the God
that we have never seen before
Closer to the mirror,
the final sight before we’re gone

2. Erroneous Elation

3. Wilderness

I’ve come to cherish and I appreciate
the love I invested, the trust you gave
While times are changing and the world is dark
I have you and you have me, and that’s all we’ve got
We left our safety and loved domains
exposed ourselves to rains and trains
the Darkness follows wherever we are
but out in the wilderness our fears seem far

You give me hope, you lift me up
authentic our vows, undying our love
Pray with me, that one morning
we will wake up to a better world

Together when we are, the sun always seems to shine
the most colourful birds, they sing for us
wild flowers bloom
in perfect harmony, the world in tune

And so, we soldier on and on
deeper and deeper in the woods we get lost
the world seems crazy, people gone mad
there’s no right or wrong, nor good or bad
Now all we’ve got, our own compass
we’ll find our truths, as no one will show us
the right direction, the noble path
nothing has a centre and nothing made to last

For a moment, we can breathe a sigh of relief
that among the pure waters, our suffering has ceased
But you act like you always have known that
the bliss will soon be over
The end I see hidden in your eyes
your sadness kills me, lover
Walls are being built around us, the air suffocates

we are running out of time, running out of space
please hold on to what little you can keep in your palm
see it slipping through your fingers, say goodbye and move on

4. Of Stardust We Are Made (and to Dust We Shall Return)

Have you ever felt lonely in a cosmic sense?
No human presence can distract you
From the feeling of complete insignificance

This, my friend, is my permanent state now
Watching a tiny leaf dance on the water surface
Knowing that I am that leaf
Dancing towards extinction
Soon to gently disintegrate in the green pond

When I close my eyes it’s stardust all I see
And I’m no longer afraid of the dark
Knowing that’s where I too belong

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