Journey Through Lands Unknown

1. Deliverance

When I awoke, the sun was high and the clouds had accepted their defeat
The lovely shores and the blue sky couldn’t tell me where I was
I had to find out by myself

Then I stood up and a gentle breeze graced my sun-burned, naked skin
I collected fallen leaves to cover my fear and shame
And I went to find out who I was

I reached the hilltop under the rumbling thunder
And as my eyes wandered over the fertile landscape
I couldn’t understand what higher powers brought me here
To this deserted isle so long undiscovered

And suddenly I saw them: warriors from the Underworld charging my way
On dark steeds, blowing their trumpets
Declaring war to the intruder who invaded their island
A fight ensued and wounded I fell to the ground
My blood contaminating their soil
Like poison it flowed, destroying their earth

And as I fell to the ground and life-force was abandoning my cold body
I heard the wind whisper: “For every precious gift there is a price to pay”

When I was reborn I knew that the deserted isle was mine
And as I looked inside my soul, the peace I needed I couldn’t find
But I found the desire to embrace my inner world

2. Unknown Land

πατριδα μου ειναι η ψυχη
μες στην ερημια μονος μου γυρνω
ψαχνωντας να βρω τον χαμενο μου εαυτο...

“Why is it that whenever words sweet like honey
Linger at the tip of my tongue
As I open my mouth, a song of joy to sing
Voices of evil and discontent torture my poor mind?”

[The voice of reason:] “I am the voice of reason, the one and only truth
Your duties you will pay, there is no other way
But treason beckons here, as you allowed in
A very unwelcome guest who disturbed my rest
No, I can not tolerate another presence here
How can you feel the pain in my heart
When you haven’t got one?
How can you see how much I suffer
When your eyes are shut?”

[The voice of irrationality:] “I’m your redemption so you’d better listen:
I am sick of your figures and your calculated risks
I abhor your arrogance, when with zeal you project guilt
Only where logic dies you can find true happiness
So forget your dues and your duties, give your instincts free rein”

[The voice of Insanity:] “In the land of the blind, I’m the one-eyed king
While the two dogs fight for the same bone
I’m seen running away with their meat
I’m the voice of insanity, the genius of the universe”

[All:] “ O can’t you see? I’m the only way, your sole purpose in life”

3. Dum Spiro Despero

Dum spiro despero, via dolorosa

Bring me a sharp blade so I can cut
The strings that direct my moves
And like a puppet make me dance
To rhythms foreign to my limbs
The voice of desperation
Can stop this senseless wheel of life
I trust in suffering to free my tortured mind
Dum spiro despero, via dolorosa

The God of hope far behind I’ve left
The Enlightened One has shown me his path
His way I’ll follow, forsaking earthly pain
His wise words echo through my brain:
“Give up hope and everything you love”

Strength I don’t lack this decision to make
But trapped in torment, illusion and pain
Aeons of cruel suffering I foresee
Before my ignorance shall leave me
And my weary mind finally finds rest

Amida, give me the strength I need
To trust in your Other Power
And follow your noble path
Amida here I stand: am I worthy of your Pure Land?

4. Haven

5. Oblivion

In a God-forgotten land
Under the blazing hot sun
The stream of life showed me the way
Brighter than it ever had
I knelt to wash my weary head
But the water was ice-cold

In a God-forgotten land
Under the blazing hot sun
An angel sat under a tree
Just for a moment, to rest his wings
I knelt and touched his pale face
And tears fell from his eyes

6. The Loss Of Innocence

When suddenly at nights dark thoughts intrude your peaceful sleep
And your dreams wander in places long-forgotten
When visions of loss and regret engrave their ugly features on your skin
And you feel your purity slipping from your hands

When gradually you see the years you’ve lived turn into statues
-The hopes and dreams you had, now cast in stone
And when the years that come appear to be stillborn
-When you reach out to touch them they have already gone

Please don’t let sorrow and grief make you bitter
With honesty and diligence search in your heart and find
The secret gift of your old innocence

And if by chance once, in a black winter night
As a casual trespasser on your way back home
Suddenly you spot a tragic figure writhed
Don’t let me quench blinded by my guilt
But like a Good Samaritan
Lend me a hand
Salva me

7. Eternal Sorrow

When I'’ll die, my surrendered soul
Shall descend to the dark realms of Hades
To be judged by my ancient gods
And the mighty king Minos
Will step forward from the dark
Silently to fix his gaze upon my mind’s eye
His eyes like mirrors reflecting my whole past
But he’ll hang his head in sorrow
Tearful, he won’t bear the sight…

For eternal sorrow has enveloped my soul
Eternal sadness, opportunities lost
To show you how I feel

And so you will –just like everyone else-
One day stand before the mighty judge
Your soul full of hatred for the injustice done to you
You thought you’d live forever
His eyes like mirrors reflecting your whole past
His head hung in sorrow…for he will be looking
At a hideous, unbearable sight…

For eternal apathy has withered your soul
Eternal suffering has been brought upon me
As I couldn’t show you how I feel

Looking through the eyes of eternity at a failed past that can’t be undone; struggling to understand how I lost my hope; I turn to look behind me, but my Eurydice is not there any more…I allow myself to float on the waves of solitude; rebirth is not an option, so I must accept. The wind shall carry away the memories, but the eye of eternity has seen it all…

8. Mourning the Passing of Certainty (Despair As the Sky Turns Grey)

[Based on Pure Land Buddhist recitations]

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