1. One of These Funerals


2. Broken Statue

Remember when you said that you don’t need me any more
Success had finally come your way
You smiled and waved at me as you got into your car
A gallant knight held the door open

Alice what have you become? You have tumbled from your footing

Three years have passed since then but success abandoned you
Your empty gaze stares into infinity
What happened to your dreams? The flower has withered on your hair
And someone said you want to see me

Like a statue you’ve become that has fallen from its pedestal

Fall, with pleasure I will push you and I won’t be there to help you
For all these years I have been dying now I’d like to see you crying
Fall, I won’t shed a tear for you, I don’t want and I don’t need you
For all these years I have been dying now I’d like to see you crying

I wanna see you fall, I wanna hear you fall, I wanna make you fall

3. The Storm

I feel the storm as it’s coming near
It’s raging mad, but I do not hear
And pretend that I don’t mind it at all
But deep inside I’m praying, my Lord

That when I’m safe and the storm has cleared
I will turn around, and see You near
For then I would want You by my side
To help me rebuild the wreckage of my life

Around me I built a wall brick by brick,
And plagued by fear, I cannot sleep
A madman’s laugh reminds me of my failures
Now on my own, the pain cuts deep
Could I finally find rest in some odd place
With time as my only company?

4. Be Here

You are on your own in your little world
And you drift away far away from here

On which cloud can I find you?
You have left this life behind
You met Jesus under the streetlight
I hope you found what you were looking for

I want you to be here, just be here

You have a look on your face
As if you don’t know I exist
I disappeared from your radar
And what you are thinking about, I can only guess

Laying flat on your back
You remain lost
In this endless dream
Will you ever wake up to be with me?

Why aren’t you here, just be here

5. 4:59

Right before there's light
Right before, this night
Right before the dice
We'll rise aloft Earth's heights
For five minutes we'll just lie
Give minutes, close our eyes
Five minutes, like a child
For just five, I'll hum a lullaby to you
Then we'll glide as sounds, you and I
Just this once, before the light goes out on us

6. Brighter Days

Awakened to heavy silence, no sunrise in sight
Was that just one more dream that passed me by?
Smiling as it waved goodbye "you know how nothing can last"
Still we crave for brighter days though we still feel blind

Seems no-one warned us when somehow we'd lose our will
The joys of yesterday still seem a perennial breeze
But could we carry tomorrow's burdens with dignity?
Today, the boundless reach of doubt should set us free

As pilgrims bound to will, our doubt must set us free

Like every fallen star
Must wake just once more
To arise and shine
As it lits the way for the lost

Puppeteered by fate
Or free to our paths
We'll stand and run again
For the ever elusive light.

7. Live Through Me

If you ever stay awake at nights
Agonizing over all these dreams you left behind
If you looked back and you found you have never been yourself
Did your thoughts go back to me?

Have you ever thought of a future without me?
Could there be a life, a happy life somewhere else?
If I tumble from a bridge looking at the rainbow
Would you roam unchained and free?

A rainbow will appear and you’ll get your chance, you’ll see
You will find your way as you are searching in the dark
Deep within your soul, a fire slowly burns
A sacred shrine, your destiny

You live, live through me
You see through my eyes
How could you ever be free
Until the end will us part?

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