1. To know is to die 11:34
2. The pleasures of suffering 6:41
3. Voices within 5:36
4. In unity 3:52
5. lfabl 4:07
6. Ltum oss bija 5:37
7. My journey into darkness 3:18
8. Sorcery 5:46
9. Flames of Potentiam 5:25


What is it that brings me this hate?
Only night calms me down
The days are long in the shades
But with you I wear my crown
Nothing matters now,
I have no life to wake up to
Darkness showed me our true world.

They live in the sunrise, they live in the day
But when they sleep, you take me away
Night come forth, embrace me
Silently we meet, yet thunder strikes my ears

My flesh in flames
My spirit, fleeing from life
Is suicide my only key?
For no longer can my mind decieve

To many secrets of thine I know
Within the mystical night I will go
They live in the sunrise, they live in the day
But when they sleep, you take me away


Carry me across your lands
Where their souls will burn before my eyes
Into your majestic flames
Let me hear their loud and painful cries

Show me what it is to suffer
without my body and mind
Grant me the past again
Guide me through the night
Bring before me my destiny

Haunted by the unknown souls
Deeds of past destroyed and sealed my fate
Cursed in time of wantering
All those nights, they planted seeds of hate

Should they dare to cross my path again
Invade my burning treasure
My curse would perhaps end
But still they would meet my revenge
For all this time of boiling wrath
When the gate opens, they all shall die


A quest for knowlegde begins
Seek the truth behind the words

The more I see, the less I know
Let my torments become free
Why they hunt my soul, I do not know
Risen above all life I am

Visions of the world, come to me...

I am a gun that shoots the world
With emotions for powder
Creation for barrel
Creation...Let my emotions free

Son of the sun, watch me burn
Watching tomorrow come, watching all die
Beyond the sea, my thought came free
Oh sealed powers, I am with thee


Mother, you gave us life
Mother, we betrayed you
A lonely mind cries for you
As you feed on my blood

Without you there would be no us
And without us,
all memories of you existence would die
Why are they so blind?
Why can't they see?
What is reality worth,
if they can't use it to see your pain?

When I'm gone I beg you to set my soul on fire!

Mother, where is my death?
Mother, why do I still have to see you suffer?
Now you carry my blood in you darkest veins
There it will flow until end of time


Moon, how beutiful you are
I drift away into your dimensions
and drown in your wisdom
For you have seen what noone has seen
For you have been where noone has ever been

Oh moon, take me away
So I can be among those above
But they broke my wings
Before I learned to fly...

He who blessed my soul
Shall soon be met by death!

Haunting spirit, lit thine fire tonight
I want to feel all your hell inside
Mystical stars,
Grant me your unholiest blessings

Blva srt ,
sis bl
Snggt fyrir haturs ge
Og allt a illt tlar mr
Snist aftur til hla r


Again, surfacing shadows
Again, darker each time

I have seen them go through planets
Following the rise of day
But still they will not leave me
Harnest only the smallest moment
Capture it all

Stab me thousand of times
When order becomes chaotic
A human end

Just to look the emptiness
To witness the purity of a soul
Now forcing a sight
Freedom appears
Feeding it's slavery

Now only time awaits...

Eldur - Guitars, bass, keys, vocals
Forn - Guitars, keys, additional vocals
G..Pmason - Drums & percussion

1999 (c) AVANTGARDE Music

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