1. Elysium

Hear your soul speak
In the silent darh night
You can't avoid its call
...My call
Give in my child
This is your time
Take your last breath
Rest now...
In Elysium
Look at your world
Within our world
Made by your mind
Judged by your heart
Mourn not our death
Cry for out pain
Bleed not for life
Never again...

Never again

2. Mirror God

Crimson silence hits this place
Everything so suddenly quiet
We truly are the gods
The gods of moments

They refuse to die
The seconds that pass
We swim
In an ocean of questions
Can't seem to find the true one
Can't seem to stop this madness

Now everything was
Yet nothing is
An instant massacre
Still no one mourns

We die a thousand times
A blank page in a horror book
The memories we mourn the most
Even those yet to come
In the midst the chaotic storm
We beg for control
Sometimes he hears
Sometimes not...

The god of gods

3. The Idolized

We, those of the idolized
Always stream forward
Like an endless current
Running nowhere at all

It leads us forwards
Presence at times so clear
it seems to see and hear
As the ever present matter

Are they dark or grey?
Who can really tell?

The snake seems harmless
Right until the end
And now we welcome you,
The idolized one
Who may spoil my soul

Wipe it clean and good
Now we welcome you,
The idolized one
Whispers in dark places
When you visit those within
Now we welcome you,
The idolized one
We who walk as guardians
As the dark in a grey world
Now we welcome you,
The idolized one

4. Eternity's Dark Embrace

Sometimes it seems to flow
Through me like water
it's filled with spirits
Cursed in their existence
Silent phantoms

The mournful tale of men
Shall drown in depths of time
In silence
Cursed in eternity's dark embrace
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