Orka I Myrkri

1. Born Again

In the solitude of wilderness
They walked towards the sun
Peaceful eyes awaiting grace
Speaking words never heard
Gathered as one in a single thought
They touched the sky wich left them blind
The illusion of life was realized

Once silent sun,now spoke to them
Envoke the energy once adored
This is the law they never saw
A prayer of despair
(will)Leave them dead

Now their faces turned to stone
Disbelief of circumstance
Carefully you should walk the narrow path of mystery

Watch them take their final breath
Forgiving faces of repend
Attacked by a vicious world
Fragile souls,that day were born again

2. New Beginning Of The End

Alone in the silent night
I heard their screams inside
Crying out for help
But noone listened

The demon within I refused to let go of
For I loved it's sins
It showed me the pleasures of suffering
Those beutiful dreams,
That turned into nightmares
Those wonderful moments
That crumbled to dust

And I am a soul of all and nothing
Cosmical reality,wich they call insanity

With a mindraping torment
I surrendered my beliefs
To this dying fairytale

I have fallen and risen again
Stronger every time
Awaiting the step that would lead us to tragedy
Conquer all fears and to make it devine
I have eaten the forbidden fruits
And burned down the bairnaked tree
By that I close a chapter of a misery
Foretold in my dreams

3. Angels Decay

His name was cursed
Damned for eternity
So he bowed down to the light
Hoping it would set him free
For years he walked
Among the angels
For years he thought
They would have the answers

But seeds of evil
Plant strong and poisoness roots
And as the time passed by
The heavens saw the serpentine
And so their fear was born
And so they kept away
With scornful eyes they left him behind
Out cold to decay

He became so full of wrath
In a frustrated state of mind
Every attempt to win their hearts
Would leave them full of scars
And so the heavens wept
And so the angels cried
With torn and bleeding wings
One by one fell from the sky

They were like lambs
Lambs sent to slaughter
Just standing still and waiting
For the wolf's hunger
To drain a part
Of the mighty river
The river of his damnation
The black flowing curse

So now he wanders
Through eternity alone
Himself is his only home
Morbid,evil,twisted home
He shall never find his peace
He's a plague,he's a diseace
He shall bring you down on your knees
If your paths shall cross

4. Gateway To The Starlight Kingdom

I hear no sound,the voices around
My eyes can still see,but nothing I feel
Floating in the tunnels of myself

Time has no boundaries
Outside this blindning cage
Memories of past and future
All have their precence

My body is driven by it's subconsious
My heart is still beating,a natures machine
Pounding blood through it's veins
While I'm searching for worlds unseen

And then like in a painful birth
Like so many time before
The cold world,
Kills my starlight kingdom

I went as far as to another world
I went so deep,that hit the surface
A damned journey
A circle of deception
I don't expect you to go my way
Beneath the sun you wait and prey

5. Guidance Of Sin

6. Before You Wither

I knew,when you looked away
That your eyes reflected beuty
A stolen sun
Decietefully made mine

Therefore it was you that spoiled me
With such pleasures
Only to rip it away?
Didn't you know that the hungry
Always come back for more?

The decease spreads all through me
I say to myself
Think not,for reality is only an option
For the cold,bitter truth is so clear
Emptiness is driving me

If you only knew the ways of my mind
Kill me and you will see
So slay me down,
Send me deep inside
Into the one dimentia world
There is noone to interfere

I drift further and further away
Finally I will be lost
So therefore
Let me cherish
Let me never forget
For the last time
Speak my name in lust
Before you wither and dissapear
Dead or alive
I will never leave

7. Sickening Infernal Lust

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