Secrets of the Moon

Idolize Me

Master of eternal light
Show me your power and your might
I am immortal and I am strong
I never surrender

Can you feel the hate, the pain
The blood in my vein
The love, the cry
The tear in my eye
I never die

Master of eternal light
I bring you to a hateful ride
I free my soul and free my mind
I am a shadow of the darkest kind

Now the magic spell is broken
Like thousand times before
Now the magic spell is broken
My mind can''t close the door

Idolize me
A human god I''ll be
Idolize me
With hate I spit on thee

Caller of the Moon

My eyes are closed
And I don''t know why
Dreams come true
Under the secret stary sky

You''ll give accompany
Emperor of magic light
Lunar God I summon thee
Delight me in this cold and mystic night

Caller of the moon


Always look around me
Forever looking back
I''ll always be a target
For the attack

Death crowns the work
Glory fame transcient
All pass away
Tools of death eludicate

I am a fugitive being
Hunted down like game
I am a fugitive
But I''ve got to clear my name

The smoking torch
The circle gorge

Sadomatic Rites (Beherit cover)

Black haired witches
Bitches with their goats
Black robes and candles
Rituals can begin!

City of lust
Incest and brutality
City of sin
Pleasures so sweet
City of hell
Born to deviation
City of Sodom
I await my death!

Pagan gods dwell
Within the city walls
Satanic dominion
Darkness prevails
Naked bodies fuck
Fornicate on christian altar
Living in eternal lust
Sodomites and blasphemers

Sinning sex, bestial rape!
Sadomatic rites,
Agony and pain, paradise lost,
Sadomatic rites


Total eclipse of the sky
The earth lies in shadows
When the moon shines its cold light
When this time has come
My mind will be spining around
A battle against my inner thoughts
It´s like a cut in my soul
To reach out beautiful sadness
Satisfy my deepest dreams
Feeling of total deliverance
Voller Sehnsucht überkommt mich der Moment
Wo das Schwert meine Seele trennt
Possessed by all that´s unknown
Walking through my inner beauty
When you come to the bleeding point
When you realize, you can´t go on
With your existence
That´s the moment where tears divide the beauty
When my body is on fire, and my soul
Sets me free, I know I am there
Total eclipse of the sky.........

Screams of Anguish

The moon throws its shadows
Through the forest of my dreams
Walking in my fantasy
All the faces I can see...

Escapable feelings surrounding me
Screams of anguish
Pear through my fantasy, my fantasy

An animal is born in my soul
A besial shadow deep in me
Evil takes possession
And set my spirit free

Screams of anguish
Set my spirit free

Evil... takes possession
Te wolf I see
Is the beast in me

The transformation is completed
Dreams have been reality
Nothing else can stop me
When the beast awakes in me...
All the faces I can see... in my fantasy

When I went around
And come later to my ground
Blood is all around

An animal is born in my soul...

To short was the moment
To jump over my shadow
Blood on my hand
Was this the revenge?
Everyone who wants attack
Will be killed by broken neck
My spirit will be free
A bestial shadow deep in me

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