Biography Obscene

1. Prelude

In iniquity conceived,
Carried in secrecy.
Kept unseeable, concealed,
Given a prophecy.

The bearer of secrets
Would never outlive him.
In the cruel face of Destiny
She would desert him.

She would never awaken.
He would be left and forsaken.

2. Natal Day

Benighted scene by the darkened lake,
In the gloomfull, dispiriting black.
Born from a mother not awake,
Blood is the solitary track.

Knifelike rain in cuttings wind,
Lashed against a dying mother's face.
The owls sighed, the reaper grinned,
Human scent, so easily traced.

Harvester of the dead,
Inescapably led
To her inalterable bed.

Left on the soaked moss, her male child,
Attracting the creatures of the woods,
Some in fury, some beguiled,
Greed gave triumph to the wolf.

Taken to the damp and noisome lair,
Fed on the flesh from his mater.
Sleeping and waking, unaware,
Evermore faithful, but a traitor

Cold, appalled, awaken,
Never meant to be taken
By the harvester of the forsaken.

3. Stories Untold

Above the colourless cold,
Through the winds of the shivering night.
Stories obscure and untold
Carried by ravens in flight.

Finding and keeping the truth,
Hiding the grief in their hearts.
Stories of aged and of youth,
Of the child, where the history starts.

Circling the woods and the time,
Finding the tale of the gatherer.
Searching the gruesome, the crime,
Uncovering acts of the torturer.

They darken the sky,
Mendaciousthey fly,
Darken the sky,
Wordless they die.

Chasing the uncovered trails,
Never losing the scent.
Observing the goulish details,
Knowing, their only ontent.

Eyes on the frostbitten land,
Moonlight on feathers like gold.
A simple and silent command,
The stories will never be told.

4. Victim

Something is tracing me,
Chasing and trailing me.
Panic within me,
Horror around.

Someone is reaching me,
Grazing and leaving me.
I hear it around me,
Sense it within.

This is my final fear
Testing like blood in me.
Terror and fright in me,
Hands on my neck.

Keeping a hold on me,
Cold hands, the claws in me,
Paralysing, haunting me,
Keeping me down.

Through the silence of my panic,
The deepest voice, the final ache.
Through the cold and bitter calmness,
A call in trembling rage.

How much can you take!

5. Chamber's Disgust

Eyes of a wanderer, bones from the mud,
Unmarked and crackled, bottles of blood.
Unspoken words, ashes and dust,
In the Collector's Chamber's disgust.

Find in the darkness, shadows of red.
Feel from the cave wall, unrested dead
Throwing their souls into nothing in scare,
Sense them and hear them in utter despair.

Still in the silence, whispers and screams,
Panic, anxiety, mareridden dreams.
Still in the scent, in the smothering rot,
Not to be altered, The Collector's plot.

Teeth and tongues in rusty cans.
Falconfeathers, savagehands,
Cut off and collected in gore.
Stay in the foulness, loathe and abhor.

6. Allow no Light

Behold my master of atrocious damage to mankind,
Witness my fury, get into my mad, sickened mind.
Hold me in awe and kneel before my throne of evil sin,
Let me lure you, take a seat, and let the show begin.
I compel you, cease and end the cursedly white,
Find me in iniquity and dark, allow no light.

Sink into complete despair, I am your grief, I am your fright,
Leave your spirit, cast your tattered heart, allow no light.

Let no joyous sound ring through my perfect dark,
Embrace my torments, welcome lief your owner's mark.
Moaning cuts the silence, blood on trampled sand,
Give your faith forever to me, take my crippled hand.
Bear what you have come for, this was my invite,
Let the quiet rule in massive black, allow no light.

7. Morbid Curiosity

On his throne of bones and fur
The Collector is quietly seated,
Prepared for the scene about to occur.

In the arena of velvet and dust
Awaiting the morbid unknown,
Wildcats in cages, sawdust and rust.

In his eyes pure agitation,
In his mind a joy,
Frightful spite and fascination.

Cats released in perfect fear,
One attacks the other.
Set off the scratching, rip and tear!

Flesh torn, blood and gore.
Shrieks through loathsome night
Makes the viewer call for more.

This is the utmost atrocity
Feeding his foul curiosity

8. Demise

This is the frozen day's
Final conclusion.
This is the mist that cling to the ground.

This is the final gaze
On an illusion,
Stillness and quiet, the silence profound.

This is the frozen day's
Death and decay.
This is the wrath and deceit.

This is the final gaze
Taken away.
Sleeping forever, the story complete.

9. Biography Obscene

Aurora birth, repulsive, horrid, bloody,
Cradle of moss, moist with rain and red.
Fog would leave his newborn, naked body,
Blood would lead the wolves right to his bed.

Formed into a man by mist, by shadows,
Castigated by the darkest night.
Hungry wild cats, nightowls, vicious crows,
All are teachers, bravery and fright.

Raised to be the master of the wild,
Raised to be the Lord and the Collector.
The frightened, shrieking, godforsaken child
Became a meld of terror and protector.

Gaze into his evil, darkened life,
Watch the cruelty, behold his eyes!
In his judgment; scandals, filth and strife,
In his story; truth and scabrous lies.

Light will run for silent, gloomy darkness.
In the cold of moonlight all is pale.
Man will turn to dust in final chapters.
Night will close the horrifying tale.

10. Torches Quenched

Outside his chamber
The torches are quenched
By bitter winds and rain.
Emptiness and total stillness.

Silence rules in pallid dawn.
The Master is finally gone.

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