Vesperian Sorrow
Beyond the Cursed Eclipse

1. Intro

2. Beyond The Cursed Eclipse

Sculptural thoughts abount silvern clouds
engraved harshly in thwarted twilights guise
gatless still hearts sketched in dying pulse
encrypted ledger in forgotten scribe

evil rests still in the shadows waiting to reign on the weakest of hearts
silently watching while lusting
craving the blood of the unknowing ones
fire's eyes are glowing with hatred
bloofangs retracted to extract their lives
desire the unholy passions
destroying the souls of the uprising signs

darkness and beauty are thriving as one
stellar enigma within blackend solus
nighshades are falling upon shining eyes
crushing all sacred from hatred implored

fires are burning across the furthest distant shores
evil is rising coming forth from horrid discant
ancient ways emanating excepting
of all the unhallowed commands
chosen are the mighty burning with everlasting unholy hate

worship the unholy with terror to avenge thy fallen fate
condemned to an eternity of endless damnation
choosing cursed sect from evils salvation

our souls are lost
we wield to the demon skies
facing alas cosmic visions
repentance in the sheer nights eyes

woe to the cursed eclipse
submit thine honour of vengeance lost
reborn from the furthest dominions
in they stand is immortal
ensure to never perish invoke
shadows cast oblivions scythe

enigma enchanted
unholy curse controls the night
corrupted sovereign
temptress scour indulged form all horror
priestess veiled controls the night
worship of mortals
transforming across the sinful skies
countless aeons forlorned, overture commands starfire
inner gaze beyond moons eye, crystal beauty severed lash

3. Twilight Of Azrael

hithern lavenderous sea beyond anseptious horizon
throughout entities wrought in skyclad muse
scouring upon pulse there within they prose
as storm begets calm clavering in unison

sunthrone emerge nothingness dogma astound
brethren atone interfangled dwellings
caverns ashone eminence in gracefulness yet graceless
beyond evereve astride restless emptiness

fulfillment provides azure infinence
streams all together upon golden wonder yet wonderless
adorn from all to possess unkown equate
as within emptiness none is known

alignment becomes that of intermingled shores
precipitous embarkment encrested by stone
furthern is seen thy magma rupture
forever an uplifted moniker symblance
fallen pantheonian emnants endure
upward a collage exalted by thine
downfall brings on onlasting flow
creating lifespring as one of entity

fate is a sea without shores
and they soul is a stone that abides
they heart is vexed with thy roars
and they face with the surf of the tides

twilight of azrael
showeth upon lost shores
montress afar sanctum
cast thee forth beckoning

engraved in nightfall
sculptured amongst they brow
illuminous essence beheld
of they twilight of azrael

enchated from they crestthrone shone afar
catacombs find oblivions trance
endless thoughts of ancient's mind
nevermore being the unkown sign

beyond the furthest seawall
lying between the remote sea gates
mighty wave crashes left nothing but ashes
foreboding clouds ensure of they fate

so massive with deepening sides
clad about the sea as with wings
storms abount sorrow yielding no morrow
impelled tides revealing no springs

4. From An Ever Blackened Star

The distant eminence of pale light
Shines through the ecliptic plains
A sunless world of lifeless ouls
Is falling upon ordain

In forzen horizon comes our muse
With beckoning of the black star
From the furthest astral sphere
We accept the call with passion

From the sky the star breaks the light
In the night we arise with morbid blood
Sound the Hymns our hearts are beating black
Silence cries we conquer the golden dawn

An candlabra dances while the winds recite
Accompanying trees of harmony with pulse of river flow
Clouds of Resful shelter mountains rise alpine
Towering throns begin to grow where roses once thrived

Irreligious lives thwarted lore of remorse
Premeate the evil in ancient stark terror
Sacilegious times broken church in plague
Suffering the end with Defiled chosen reign

We revel in pain

Now we traverse a horrid path
In godless walk of choice
The marbled angels of timelss oak
Entwine the calling stars

Lost children of banishment
The rising abyss is adorned
With striking heavns aftermath
We forge the unholy crest

From an ever blackened star
Our world is wrought from thee
With silence the words are spoken
THe tongue of spectral breeze
Given command from endless presnce
Inciting rights of those forgotten

We implore the darkness
Influenced form the forefathers we sin
Rituals of lustful chant
Remembrance of fallen creed
Upon the place they died

5. Calydon

Not by sunlight nor by starlight is it shone
Nor to the full moons eye or others beings known
Beyond the hallowed sunset eres a perfect star
Above the sweep of havens showing afar

Unrobed and thus untrammelled
Unveiled and presented feel thy strength

Above the sunsets might there can be seen thy eyes
That were above the sundawn in the fiery skies
Shown at the end of morning wretched in stellar path
Behind the dividing light dark oblivion is cast

Shone from an unforeseen universe lost in sight
Across horizons of endless time behold, beautiful
Forgotten and unknown for countless centuries
The most cosmic spacescape withstood elements beckoning
Ancient moons arise awakening every eve
Gleaming upon cold still shallows reflections emanate
Forth all planets vanish leaving one mighty one
Laden in the tempered hallows glimmering glorious

Sought from the nightsky hallows lies the planet Calydon
Enhancing her unknown beauty the moons Cerrus, Prax, Asmon
Constellations forming the only mighty gods
Planetary alignment drawing forth the Elyptic wrath

The walls of the temples
An endless lure of the sacred crypts
Passage granted by chambers
The mountain Ramitar resides within
From the howl of the Kantrell
A surrounding call of the Secton worship
Masses gathering in honour
Surrounded by the Sintarius Dhin

6. Shadowlord

I am all that which blesses
Out of me the spirits elate
My touch is all that caresses
Mine are the limbs that create

My soul is in thee to save thee
My hearts pulse can offer you death
I give to thee none that I give me
I am your life's blood and breath

I am that which loves and unloves, I am stricken thou art I
Behold what force of my nature and
shown on my breast to the skies
Forever I am with you, am in you, look forth now and see
Not as servant to lord, thou shall give thee worship to me

O my sons none too dutiful
Abhor gods not of me
Am I shone so beautiful
My beauty will fashion of thee

Beside, under, or above me
Nought is none to go
I have thee love or unlove me
Choose to unknow me or know

Drink of my blood
Breathe of my breath

Hast thou command in spirit with the night
Have the winds taken council with thee
Have ye spoken as brethren together
The moon and the mountains and sea

Thou have their part in me and I too in thee
Have I set such a shadow for all to see

Worship me in the moonlight as I suppress day into night
Call upon my power and thee shall indulge in my might

Can thou say with thine heart can thou see through my eyes
Thou shall breathe through my winds
breath and ye will thrive in my skies

Worship me!!!

7. Windswept

From the winter skies
Brought across the frozen lands
I hear her whispering cries
Beyond the pale fallen snow

From her northern empire
Atop the nocturn mountain
She seduces the night
To call upon her winds

I seek the blackened stars
Among the crimson sky
There I find the enchantress
Within her chamber of ice

I've reached her frozen body, lying lifeless and cold
Her sullen heart and crystal eyes, so beautiful to behold

Arise for me, oh! Beautiful one
Thou shall reign, beyond your forlorn palace

We, who stand among the dying
The faithful of a forgotten time
Firesent, from the blackest sky
Victorious, in unholy ruin

We march towards the risen swords
Astride her winds of darkness and death
Driven by the past battle winds
As our fallen sons and burning daughters - JOIN US!!!

The night is a gift I present to you
Arising each wake upon ebony
Awaiting thy return with every nightscape
Of creation of time and life-giving breath
From the crest of the moon comes my body
With the flickering of the stars beats my heart
My face is engraved in the walls of twilight
So my blood flows from everlasting seas

Bloodless, soulless, we possess the darkness

We are bloodless, so unhallowed and soulless
We breed amongst the night
To possess a life of eternal darkness

My heart is pale, pale like the everlasting snow
Across the shores of endless time, I call to thee
Accept my final breath into yours, from a kiss
So immortal and unholy, only to last...Forever

8. Saga Of The Second Sign

A time laden in chaos
In a land without rule
Anything righteous destroyed
Everything hateful employed

Fires seared the country side
A staff of torch to guide
Pillaged fulfiiment in plunder
Villages overcome in asunder

Evil and terror
Writhing with morbid anguish

Killing all the fathers
Torturing all their children
Beating the elders allowing them to die in stench

Gathering forth the females
Preparing them of fornication
Violating their virgin wombs to set their demon seeds

All unholy presented
Massacre the highest priest

9. V S

Donn Donni ‒ Vocals
Jerry ‒ Guitars
Williams ‒ Guitars
Tony ‒ Bass
Kristoph ‒ Drums / Keyboards
Corinne Alexandria ‒ Keyboards

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