Vesperian Sorrow
Psychotic Sculpture


The eyes of blindess are now back where they can see...

Through the seventh window pane
We blind can see more clearly
This is done of the sect insane
We cherish our right so clearly

Psychotic sculpture

Unbound to be bounded caught within straits grasp
Coiled through mental timbral unrest
Restraints of freedom weighs down harshly
Caged and stalen from the solice jest

Spiral symphony

Flickering of first glow, parades the shadowless recess
Dancing as if choired, in balladet of statuesque form
Chanting cacophony bequested in mere reverance denied
Unleashed decadence unbalenced by immaculate horror adorned

Into the realm of dreams and haunts

Foreboding presence
Omnious figures form silently
Enchanted callings
Conjuring of the evil divine

Nebula design

Arise and be reveled
Your demise is so unleveled
Succeed the theater
Proceed by your creator

The singularity


Arena unorthodox

In the arena
They discreate the frail
Macabre spectacle
Many with laughter, one to wail


One terroristic ellipsoid adorned in nefariousness
A drape is cast by sheath of intrinsic depravity
In lure of dominance greeted by decimation
Applaused on batter through wretched hierarchy


Voices in the in the ashes of past and forgotten
Shadows of the morrow reflected and trodden

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