Vesperian Sorrow
Regenesis Creation

1. Intro

2. Invisible Kingdom

Through the Gates of Serpithia
Beyond the icy thaws and stagnant soils
Loe and behold the mighty palace
Perched above and beyond all things mortal
Gleaming a crest all fathomed splendor
Shining above the darkness divine
With a ravishing dream, unholy, immortal
Encompassing affliction, yet the Gods concede
Immaculate ascension for the scribes to see

As of and shown by the eyes of Rashor
Is it an illusion of the spell of Trantor
Thought of and sought after by generations
Only to be crushed by ill veneration
Quelled and summoned by divisible freedom
Embarking on a journey to the Invisible Kingdom
In crested and chambered past the tombs of Turill
Invested by labor to create the throne of Krill

The summon of Drun
A princess to guide
To fashion Senton
The passion of Cron

Transparent shadows cover the forgotten passage
Illusions to capacitate the channeling forms
Voiced in ashes whispered across the mist
Shadows of the morrow reflected and trodden
So far away yet so inclusive
Transcending the tears set a cast
Coiled in a universe theatre
Astral connection of infinite link
Orbital detection to constellate the maze

Through the Gates of Serpithia
Beyond thee, I see

The frail have failed, the strong praise in song
Here within the Invisible Kingdom [4X]

3. Imprisoned In Gurdon

Torches erected for the muse of the wicked
Columns projected for appeasance of wrath
Designating sculptures for intrinsic selections
Decadent arches, for a profane epitaph

Cyclonic delusions lead the clan to entrapment
Betrayal by the ones sworn to allegiance
Entrusted yet questioned they head towards Gurdon
False eyes are looming above the fortified towers

Captured and tortured the innocence is pillaged
Raping of thoughts to steal the soul enraged

Carnival of amusement of devoured beliefs
Flesh is the canvas in which the art is carved
Indulging in sick sadistic offerings
The Gurdonians glutton for pleasure of those

With embracing faces the Lintar is set assail
Winds gust the floating containment across Agdu
The foggy haze conceals the hiding captures
Shackles are silent by the sounds of the Trivol

Exposed in naked dress for all to indulge
Deprived of morals, molested and depraved

Distant cries of ancient rhymes
Awaken the slumbering heathens
Summoning screams, enchanting dreams
Reverse the birth of all seasons
A creed is a truth unfounded
A crown is bore in the night
All religions surrounded
Bred from the sight of thy might

4. Regenesis Creation

This day of wrath -
This day shall consume the world in ashes
What trembling there shall be
When the judges do arrive

Everyone and everything, all will be measured
The hordes of Trella Lheer sound the horns of
Tralon Across the graves of all lands mankind arises
To render the account, before the throne

The darkness has conquered, dark souls have risen
Grand new beginning for the unholy ones
Nightfall is constant cold skies are present
Evil is lurking, the horror has begun
The barrier is breeched, the water traversed
All carriers are reached, beseeched and reversed

Gaze upon the greatness -
A utopia we never dreamed possible
The dawn of a new era -
A new beginning, a new world
Created from out own visions -
So it has come to pass forever
So it shall remain for centuries -
Together we are reborn, and recreated

Dawn of a new era is upon every legion
It shall be spawned through terror,
They shall conquer all regions
To pillage the wastelands,
They murder all that is seen
Villages heed their commands,
Castles are stripped of their queens

The darkness has conquered, dark souls have risen
Grand new beginning for the unholy ones
Nightfall is constant cold skies are present
Evil is lurking, the horror has begun

Enchanting from the callings conjuring of evil domains

Foreboding presence is found,
Ominous figures are formed
Screams send out their names,
Speaking in sounds they hear
Foggy shades that guide the moors,
Vaporous mist to shroud them

Stepping out from behind the mirrors stare
Floating through the doors of ancients past
Candles glow to shine upon the glare
Dreamares, nightscapes, evter to the realm

Winding and falling the rivers roar the waves
Binding yet sprawling they deliver the gores of graves
Mournful are calling the new found creation
Scornful shall worship for all generations

Regenesis Creation -
We embrace a newfound beginning
Created from our strength -
We endure to conquer all worlds

5. Quest Of The Exiled

Journey of lost souls embarks in the Thyne skies
Seared fields and plateaus mark the beckoning cries
Winds that gale and waters that flow
Howls that wail and slaughter of foes

Weapons raised high, and the crests were even higher
Deafening rors from the mountainous fires
Visions are affixed on the mightiest treasure
Villainous conflicts are exacted with pleasure

Storms commence and shadows befall
Swarms dispense the cackling calls

Closer and closer they feel it in their hearts
Yearning the closure for their lives ron apart
Tasting the revenge and loving hatred
None hasting to avenge the prize is awaited

Across the hills and dales,
and beyond the coastal plains
The arbors, the thickets
and past the relentless rains
Through the desert marshes,
and all the flood laden valleys
Crested harsh are the blood maiden galleys

Days turn to months, and months turn to years
Praise burns the suns that lessen their fears
Strength has arisen adrenaline high
The weak are visited Incarnadine thrives

Onward towards the horizon they travel with pride
Carrying in honor all the comrades who died

Marching relentlessly,
the Exiled never lose sight of the quest
Embarking bequestingly, spent and viled,
Conquering the ultimate test

Dignity and pride lead the unwavering attacks
Unity applied speed the favoring acts
Victory and success conquering all enemies
Sanctity, noblesse, pondering all to serve thee

Ashar, Drad, and Kolar aid the ensuing mass
Two moons, one star, give praise to the ruining chaste

They held the silvery pendant high in adulation
The four points intercepted the four enclosures
Arms raised towards the antiquated temple
The exiled are reborn,
and heed the call to Serpithia

6. Relinquished

Conquered and overcome, battled and bewithered
Contentious subjects relinquish their grasp
Surrendering a task desirable,
Yet desired by others
Renouncing a compulsion overthrown by the exiled

Implying the denial that one has been defeated
Accepting with haste the ensuing altruism

Horizons of forgotten ash,
they are rebuilt to form
Homage to the few true gods is repaid
Brick by brick, walls
and pillars are reformed
Paths of ancient tombs
and trails of crypts are laid

Reborn once again if only in remembrance
Yet the Cronum have only left in spirit
Apparitions, oppositions

Conquered and overcome, battled and bewither
Contentious subjects relinquish their grasp
Implying the denial that one has been defeated
Accepting with haste the ensuing altruism

Calling, calling to me, I see within my soul
Aeons upon dusk, I rest my weary eyes

7. The Forever Vortex

Dark and decrepit chamber
Foreboding remains of fallen grace
Channels lead to the catacombs
Vortex to summon the Ancients past

Forlorn in endless sermons
Awakening the blasphemy of past
Devil dromes forever remain
Exalted whores never forgotten

Lord of the blasphemous lords
Bitch to the conquering cunt
Submissive devotees in slavery
Rendering to defile inferiority

Existence allowed permission granted
To create as to descreate
Revenge avowed religion enchanted
To berate or unabated
Weakness is instilled by the weak
Immaculate beginning graced in forever
Creator of the commencement
Immortal plagues to dress the creation

Lost in forever as if in infamy
Revered through chosen extinction
Infinite creations for eternal beings
Reflected past the furthest dominion

A solacing decrepit scent
Gales that cry the encompassing aeons
Forecast for a thousand centuries
Creating plagues for a thousand more

8. Vanquished

The victorious march towards
the chosen sunsets
Leaving behind a land in turmois and plague
Defeated the vanquished, they lye in shame
Depleted the anguished, they choir the names

Shinto, Arga, Khalar, Rodan

Into a new existence
the vanquished must obey
Withdrawing all remembrance
of their ancient times
Submissive they become,
Conforming to the cronum
They follow their newfound leaders
towards redemption

An alliance is formed,
and with each passing day
A compliance has transformed,
A past led astray
Armies are amassed and united with power
The weak are surpassed within the mage hour

Spirits are called upon to guide the way
Strength and courage carry forth the jouney
In honor they continue, with pride they lead
Searching for the answers,
to the rest of the their lives

Four mighty spheres,
the conquered must worship
Bringers of the seasons,
keepers of the scriptures
Restructuring has begun,
on the Trulon circle
Resting inside the circle,
arches that lead to unknowing fates

Kristoph ‒ Drums, Keyboards, Samples
William ‒ Guitars
Donn Donni ‒ Vocals
Tony ‒ Bass
James Hardin ‒ Guitars

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