The Divination of Antiquity

1. The Divination Of Antiquity

The 'great creation’ had arrived,
All before the Lord's made go,
Of fires intense and over grounds,
The heat of flame did roar!

The heavens burst, both strong and bright,
The stars they all did fall.
The sun turned dark to hue of blood,
A casualty of war!

And all but worse, the moon the same,
Gave light by night, shall now be still,
And so the stars from high be strewn,
Through tempest of the storms!

And through the wide ground loud be heard,
A soaring trumpet's voice,
On seven sides new winds shall fell,
A crashing blow, to fearful might!

Shall agitate and still the world,
With storm its breath shall fell,
The dark creations made by they,
Those wicked, whom folk tales tell.

So we as men must all now learn,
This cycle claiming blood,
Our future must not be again,
So stand as one, for we as one stand fall!

2. Whisper Of The Elements

I am by virtues greater,
Than all this fair mid earth.
Yet less,
Than a worm,
Than a worm of soil.

I am lighter,
Than the moon.
Move swifter,
Than the sun.

The seas are all and rivers too.
In my strong embrace.
This lap of earth,
With its green plains.
Its Depths.
I Touch,
I Move,
And I wave.

To Hell I can descend,
But mount over the Heavens.
On all sides I reach.
To Earth I fill,
And all sea streams.
On all sides with myself,
Over the abode of Men.

Yet I am unseen,
But all Men know,
That I am here eternal.
Whether sun doth shine,
Or rain descend.
I remain.
I will remain 'till all Life's End.

3. Warrior Herd

Lo! We learned in days gone by,
Of those beneath the stars,
Nameless heroes blessed by all,
But servants of their lords.

Their glory failed not, by man's conflict,
When ensigns clashed and all fell fowl,
Men made famous on the earth,
By pious leaders, bold in warfare

The hand of slaughter, had been decided,
Land wound with fear, with the sedition of 'foes'!

Revered as warriors, and our saviours,
When fist and iron on all to war,
A nation guard on fields of battle,
Where none might home or hope enjoy!

"I was evermore in every way,
of thy will desirous in mind,
Now with sorrow must I deeds,
Act now as a warrior herd."

Their hands hath slaughtered, their fate decided,
Land red with blood, their foes cut down!

A sinful tribe, the tumult of undone men,
The devil's servants, blindly charging on.

After mixed for them, bitter together,
These wizards through their magic a fatal drink,
Which turned away, the wit and intellect of men,
And claimed their hearts within their breasts!

"I was evermore in every way,
of thy will desirous in mind,
Now with sorrow must I deeds,
Act now as a warrior herd."

4. A Careworn Heart

So in this forest grove they bid me dwell,
Under oak trees in this deathly barrow,
Old is this feeling, all I do is yearn,
The dales are dark and overgrown with briars.
Joyless is this place, full often here,
The absence of my kin, falls sharply on my soul!

Dear lovers in the world still they lie content,
While I alone, at break of dawn must walk!

Under oak trees round this earthly cave,
I remain the length of summer days,
Where I weep my many hardships,
Contrive to rest my careworn heart.

All my loves are fatally outcast,
Far off in some distant land,
Frozen by storms and under stony cliffs,
In desolate realms near torrid seas!

My weary heart must suffer all,
And call to mind a stronger time,
Grief must always be my friend,
Of she who mourns for her beloved.

5. Foundations Of Ash

As though a Phoenix doth ruins burn,
Stricken with by-gone years,
As fire devours frail bodies so,
Life moves throughout its journey,
The spirits of fated ones,
From flesh and bones advance,
The funeral pyres burn red!

Yet to it returns, after time and space,
A life restored anew,
When that the ashes now begin,
From the force of flames,
To join and fuse again!

Though buildings were of ruin,
The flames did cease and cool,
Bone-cases all but broken,
The burning now turned blue,
Then from the pile, a likeness,
In the spring sun's gleam doth grow!

The sign of sun as giving hope,
Up over oceans, of noble stars delight,
A sparkling gem, as though in gold encased,
By smiths' artifice, it has been set!

6. The World Ahead

[Instrumental]"...For there are many paths to tread..."

7. Over Borderlands

Evil blossomed in all men's breasts,
Brand hot malice boiled their minds,
Grew hot the varicoloured poison,
Was evident in their injurious word,
A mood of ill thought toward other men,
With murder wound about.

A king commands the strong ones to go,
March the stone of the street,
From their solid plain, go forward,
Tread the earth-ways to green plains new.

Their errand in doctrines did lead to other lands,
By the king's word, from the earth,
To make resurrection, to lay their land to rest,
Limbs to gather up, spirits to take.

Not for the many, but serve only the few,
Forth they came to the people announce,
Whom they as gods in might understood,
Then set out they, to go forth and claim,

As him the Lord who had appointed them,
Over the boundary paths,
Where the bodies of those who stood,

The corpses of their fathers,
Had in struggle been concealed!

Then the elders again began, sinful to say,
That it by magic arts was done,
By glamour, that the bright one,
Spake before men and left them judged!

8. Forsaken In Stone

Covered were the dead with clouds,
Dread mist passed o'er their former glory,
Under shadows of his cross,
Foundations weep, for kinsmen fallen.

Wounding men with sharpened blades,
Then did they lay down the weary,
Strong in might but weak in spirit,
They stood their souls beheld!

Gone now are a kinfolk slaughtered,
That men may heal and rise again,
To stand as towers under the heavens,
Hardened through the scars of loss!

Now warrior cries are distant echoes,
Their corpses cold and passed away,
Enlightened men, of new resolve,
That cross of old, with true blows fell!

But let we now as folk acknowledge,
Those brave men whose hand and heart,
A homeland, gathered strength to honour,
But wills of evil tore apart!

In their name we give remembrance,
A sepulchre of stone we guild,
(Keepers of stories untold)
Our hands we raise in gentle union,
Our futures now we shall rebuild!

9. Pariah's Path

N. Wallwork — Bass, Vocals
S. Lucas — Drums, Vocals
M. Wood — Guitars
C. Naughton — Guitars, Vocals

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