1. The Remaining Few

2. Jormungandr

[Lyrics: Hréowsian - Music: Wodensthrone]

This silent earth tremors
with seemingly sentient purpose
A hatred forged through aeons
with unrequited benevolence

Her divine rage tears the earth asunder
inviting her kin to embrace oblivion
As the wounds they have rent (in her) bleed streams of fiery blood
To burn away the taint of the guilty

And O' how she weeps, as her children choke
And cry for release from the flames of her vengeance
Until the rivers of blood run to the rising seas
Which wash over the carnage to quench the embers of hate
But death is the only release from her terrible wratch
For she knows that they must die...

...like the parasites they are

Silence falls as the waters recede
and the sun beats down upon the still earth
with a newfound sense of hope
All is calm once more

Life slowly reawakens and emerges from the ruins
Blinking into the sunlight of this new dawn
as the earth lies still, mourning
All is calm once more

3. First Light

[Lyrics: Hréowsian - Music: Wildeþrýð, Árfæst, Rædwalh, A. Marshall]

First light caresses the sky
I am the creator
"In biting flame and burning ice
it shall begin again"

Whisper to me the name of the wind
be one with me
transcend the self
and become the whole

Let us hear the song of the ocean
and feel the weight of the sky
The heart opens as the eye closes
Pluck out and relinquish the 'I'

Ancestral warnings
etched into our souls
steer us from the darkness
that lies within us all

The serpent slumbers only lightly
Though he with one eye keeps vigil
Upon his throne once more
As it was, so it shall be again

The serpent slumbers only lightly
Though he with one eye keeps vigil
Upon his throne once more
As it was, so it is again

4. The Great Darkness

[Lyrics: Hréowsian, Árfæst - Music: Wildeþrýð, Rædwalh, Árfæst]

"A word; conceived in a cascade of light, given substance via the axiom of doubt
An emblem of truth to those who bow their heads and dwell within its shadow
Wherefore to stand in the garish light of the antediluvian liberty
When the chastening glow of darkness brings its on gratification?"

Like worms they prostate themselves before the great eye
and crawl on their bellies through shards of god.
Emerging in radiant gloom, a cruel mockery of luminescence,
Like the twisted afterglow of a star bound in chains.

Our idols were gifted back to us as the lowest among distortions
For the fools who dip their blades in the cesspools of betrayers
In the name of gods they never had; our godheads, wrenched from grace
To preside o'er the hate of the heard, belighted and broken by tyrant and state

Do not call me brother!
My cause is not your cause!
Your faith was never mine!
And mine will ne'er be yours!

The betrayers who would have us thank them for poisoning the well of our beliefs
And bearing its perverted message as their own, to the funeral of our creed

5. Battle Lines

[Lyrics: Árfæst, Hréowsian - Music: Árfæst, Wildeþrýð, Rædwalh]

"And so it comes to this
And thus are we undone..."

The foundations of our fathers' truths
Eroded by the cruelties of fate
Thus enslaved wear their yoke like a crown
And their dishonour like the finest jewel

The profane usurps the sacred
The sacred defiled as profane
Unquestioning blindness proclaimed to be sight
The denial of death and the sourging of life

And so it comes to this
But thus are we undone?

The Curse on ruinous currents ascends
Born by winds we dare not name
Its corruption taints all in its wake
Its ravenous shadow enshrouding the earth

Where is our courage?
Wherefore is our pride?
When good men do nothing
Whilst tyrants scar the skies

The lonely forest whispers
An oaken eulogy
A battlecry for those who stand
Before this poisoned tide

Against the Eye that glares incandescent
And those who conspire that great deeds fail
Our banners crack and flutter in forewarning
The threatening promise of tempests to come
Hearken to me!

Seek not for Gods to break our chains
Seek strength and will to break the chains ourselves
Seek for the essence of the wind's true name
That we might command our fate once more!

6. Wyrgþu

[Lyrics & Music: Árfæst]

The dead are like an ocean stilled
Friend and foe alike in oblivion's embrace
And still we cannot cast aside our arms and rest
Poisoned by the venom of belief
Cast flailing into the crucible of fate
By the negligence of dying gods
That like decrepit beasts, have thrown their bodies down
Their feral might relinquished, succumbing to decay

Where rivers once roared and churned their course
The shadows of the clouds are all that seem to move
A burnished glow of fires on the seared horizon
The flicker of embers around our feet
Ashes of meaning drift beyond our broken grasp
Fireflies against an endless wound of night
A wasteland of embittered ghosts
And the interment of our feeble hopes

Draw down the wrathful storm to cleanse this ruined world
And wash away man's ignobility
Pray for atonement and the agonies to come
So that those who follow may find a better path

The storms I call to bear us
To the mercy of the void
Even in death
Our blood will nourish the bounty of your Spring

7. The Storm

[Lyrics: Árfæst - Music: Wildeþrýð, Rædwalh, Hréowsian]

The air was fire and water
A raging inviolable torrent
The immutable currents of being
Tearing the earth asunder

Our cries bled together
With a measureless multitude
Voices raised in reverence
Soaring above the abyss of despair

We were the wind that rends
The wolf that devours the traitorous sun
And the blindness it once bequeathed
That bred and swarmed in the lands beneath

We were the wind that cleanses
The tumultuous, ravening fury
That swept the blight of our ruin
In to the maw of Nothingness

All is lost
In the fire that purifies
All is Not
In the firmament's agonies
All that Was
Reforged in the furnace of Chaoes
All is Reborn
Our spirits engulfed by the heart
of the Storm

The circle of memory closes
Darkness and radiance coiled together
Serpentine flames entwined
A Bindrune imprisons the Eye

The chains shall be broken
The balance restored
The disease shall be purged
The sign of eternal return

8. The Name Of The Wind

[Lyrics: Hréowsian - Music: Wildeþrýð, Árfæst, Rædwalh]

A serpent coils once more, the eye unblinking and vacant
As clouds tumble, broken from the sky as if pierced by golden spears

A silent voice cries out in mute elation
A memory of sound, eclipsed by the howling of gods

Ealdgast, older than time
The voice of the soill beckons me home

We beseeched the wisfom of the gods
But our words died amid the chasm of silence
Their voices choked in subjugation
Smothered beneath veils of seductive deceit

Yet still I stand, bloodied but unbroken
By my own hands I forged my fate
In defiant mockery of the heavens
The wind speaks to me once more

And the gods scream my name

Gerádwine ‒ Bass
Árfæst ‒ Keyboards
Rædwalh ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Wildeþrýð ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Hréowsian ‒ Drums, Percussion

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