Woods Of Desolation

1. Intro

2. The Leaden Sky Torn

Cold desolate winds howl
As the rain strikes my flesh alike the blade
The leaden sky torn
Fractured by autumn decay

The dead leaves wept so silently
All words - empty, unspoken
Drowning within the black depths of misery
The cold void gathering

Another severance, another scar
As meaningless as a tear to an ocean
Misery will await, alike the seasons and the tide

So shall Death await...

3. Enshrouded By Solitude

Entombed by the graven sky I lay
Reflecting within - of deepest emptiness
Enshrouded by solitude
And endless shades of grey

Isolation, the only comfort
As the shadows grow ever closer
Only sorrow shall know my name
Unable to break this undying longing
To bleed out this misery
To rot amongst the woods of desolation

4. Within The Crimson Tide

Alone I wonder, toward the unknown
Lost / Cast inwards to the void
Endless thorns upon my mind
Torn / Forever plagued by this torment within

Cold skeletal branches sway
The fall of leaves lost to the wind
Forever burdened by the past
These memories - a curse

As the full moon bled it's light upon the black sea
The last dying ebbs upon the grey shore
Life flowing within the crimson tide
Fading into eternity

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