Clearing the Path to Ascend

1. In Our Blood

All my life
Stared into flames
Of the gods
Of our gods
In this dreaming unease
In my eyes
Colors wane in the halls
Hallowed halls
Send my roots
Into unknown fields

Frantic minds
Bastard tongues
Spirit disease

Sent by the lost
Blinding the vision
Stealing the light
For itself

Deep inside
The dark clamored
In us
Ever near
And seen without fear
Shed the skin
Expose the heart
In twilight
Azure grace
Return this
Shadow's embrace

Transmute mind
Atomic shift
Quantum incision
Spirit vision

Sent by the one
Unified wisdom
Clearing the path
To ascend
The blood speaks to
Eternal rivers within

From womb to the womb
Rain falls to the sea
From the leap to the ground
Falls the reed into sound
From birth unto the tomb
Love breathes to release
These shackles of mind
This empty ruler
These clouds on the screen
From the state in between
Where in our blood
We always know

In our blood
We always know

2. Nothing To Win

Churning maelstrom
A dying kiss
Fury let loose
Straight into a noose
Dreaming disguise
Of what's at stake
Clutching trusted lies
Feeling sick inside
It's time to end
The story

It isn't what I see
It isn't what I know
It isn't what it seems
No high or below
Nothing for the grave
Nothing for the kings
Nothing to sacrifice
Nothing to win
Nothing to win

So I take
This weary heart
And bleed it out
Unshackle my illusions
And bleed them out

Like flesh out of it's skin
Ragged and raw
Where images end
And living begins
Where ideas of truth
Give way to the taste
When everything we love
Is everything we break
I dream it's all true
It's the chance I take
It's time to end
The story

3. Unmask The Spectre

Witness of old
A wave to the sea
Open chest to the eyes
Wounded stars
Fall as they must
To suffer unto wisdom
For the soul to trust

Unmask the spectre
Arise Rigpa arise
Silent in the shadow
Nature flows to it's source
Let this moment grace
Blood for the river to chase
Arise Rigpa
Unmask the spectre
Rigpa arise

Storming swells
A skiff in the sea
Tempered by witness
The hammer
Falls as it must
Ringing unto wisdom
For the soul to trust

Razor tongues
Safe upon the shore
Blind to the deep
While the storm rages forth
Who can grasp
The undercurrent's roar
Safe in the shell
Safe upon the shore

Moon brings in the tide
Earthen mother enshrined
Blazing spiral maze
Nature inherent

Witness of old
Suffer unto wisdom
The hammer falls as it must
Ringing unto wisdom
For the soul to trust

Behold the dawn
Break through the seal
All we cherish
In fires revealed
Unearth our eyes
Never more real
In blessed silence
I see

4. Marrow

All these things
That have come to pass
Emptied well
Of times that never last
Rhythms speak
Sun to winter's call
Pouring forth they
Beckon to enthrall
Burnt clean eyes
Reach into our graves
Into the scars
Of our truth
Of life within
The stars

All these words
Are dust within my mind
In these times
That burn within our sight
Yearning to know
Deep into the marrow

And see
When there's no ground
To feel
To endure
Rise in the heart
Time will crawl
To the sea
Time will fall
Inside the dream

Weathered stone
Rivers running deep
Flying wings
In skies that never sleep
Earthly blood
Speaking in the stone
Bounding calls
That want us to believe
Cleansing flames
Burn into the night
Into the scars
Of our truth
Of life with
The stars

Restless souls
Flickering light
Painted in gold
Tearing at the seams
Needing to feel
One true moment
Needing to feel
Something true

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