The Great Cessation

1. Burning The Altar

Burning eyes brim with tears
Heavy heart clenched like a fist
Grasping hope with hands in flames
Burning ashes
Burning to the core

Wretched fools suffer fate
In worlds that they made
Sand slipping through fingers
Wisdom in decay

Burning the altar
Ashes billow across the sky
Burning the altar
Burning the altar

The ignorant rule the weak
With iron law and wrathful deeds
Eyes within eyes
All seeing
All mass delusion
Trumpets to the fall

Hollow psalms
The drums of war
Beating the stretched skin of the fallen
Redirect the vision within now
While the world ends

2. The Lie That Is Sin

Dreaming despair
Hurricane s eye
Swollen with dread

Spinning locust
Strain in the smile
Chilling winter

What always was
Always will be
Will be no one
All will remain
Only I

Thorn in the eye
Gods that are blind
Release the lie they call sin
Unborn godhead

Frozen fields of ice
Ideals that chill like winter
With visions from birth
Thrilled to enthrall
The death of it all

They rise and they fall
Merging one into all
Waves crash into the shore
I cannot fight any more

3. Silence Of Heaven

War obliteration war
Within the whole
Sow seeds of sorrow
Sow the morrow’s first death

For virtue
For mercy
For holiness
We destroy

All can’t escape
The all cherished beliefs
They fall like tears of lead
They fall like the silence of heaven

The war of ideas
Strangle the miracle
In the name of the gods
We destroy

4. Breathing From The Shallows

Where are you going with your greed?
Sharpened razor’s edge
Burst at the seems
Fit to be tied tried and defied
There’s no better time to die

Where are you going with your pride?
Face made of iron
Heart locked inside
Take for granted where you were born
For the air you breathe
As if it was yours

Quiet desperation makes you want to scream
With eyes like magnets
Ambition like cancer
Stomach like a drain
Never content
You can take enough to kill the pain

Imploded narcissus
Creating the false prophets
Grind teeth
Shallow breath
Strangled from the inside
Man becomes the ghost of his own creations
Until he learns to swallow
This molten world of pain

5. The Great Cessation

Will we ever see a time
When it's enough
When we see what we know
Isn't all
Of all that is
Creating a world
Of broken hearts
Of tired eyes
Living in this shell
Like it was forever

Close your eyes
And let it go
Breathe in the space
Before you were born

Crashing waves
Grief and pain
Is washed away
Open to
The great cessation
Waves wash away
Wane and fade
Open to
The great cessation

Will we ever see a time
Without cause
When we see what we know
Never was
It never was
Altars, shrines
Caves in the heart
Within the womb
Raising our hands
To a sky without end

Watch the river pass by
Passive on the shore
Giving temptation
Space to explore
Dense guilt and guile
Gently put to rest
Reverberate through time
Lives pass on and pass on
The witness triumphant
The death of the deathless one

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