Original Version Double LP Version
1. Ames de marbre 4:23 1. Ames de marbre 4:23
2. Lueurs 6:11 2. Lueurs 6:11
3. Tristessa 2:02 3. Tristessa 2:02
4. Opal vault 3:18 4. Opal vault 3:18
5. Tears of sorrow 9:52 5. Tears of sorrow 9:52
6. Red script 7:18 6. Red script 7:18
7. Antofagasta 3:13 7. Antofagasta 3:13
--- Bonus Disk ---
--- Eodipus demo ---
1. Red script 5:01
2. Eodipus 5:40
--- Y demo ---
1. Disease of life 3:57
2. Face of death 6:37
3. Y 7:42
4. The lost colors 6:46
total time 36:17 total time 1:11:51

Act I - Ames de Marbre

The guardian angel descends from his obscure limbo, to eternally
rest on the cold body of beign. His melancholic face,
empty of sensations, watches over the dead, motionless, rock
of stone, on a parallel world. Angel of sadness invading your
tomb. It seems that a tear rolls down your cheeck. Your soul,
has maybe rejoined its immortality, thanks to him you'll dream
again and forever.
Schutzengel deiner seele, der heute wieder weggeht, um ewig
stille zu suchen.

Act II - Lucurs

The night on the shore a pure girl dreams. She watches the
fall, towards the east. High up in the night, while the predator
clouds of the evening announce their fury, black oppressive
masses, darken her vision of infinity. The stars guide your
destiny. Follow them for ever into an oblivion; follow them to
dream of infinity; follow them to die happily; follow them to
dry all your tears; tears that beleive in their death. Aren't
the stars eternal? They reign for ever like queens. They show
her their paths. Forget, I'm leaving for their destinations,
for infinity.

Act III - Tristessa

La soledad increible del desarraigo humano... El nacimiento de
la muerte tenebrosa sonrisas? Cuando seremos todos baja tierra
terminaremos todos entre despajos de madera.

Act IV - Opal Vault

I turn around a last time in this big sinister street, my god,
the fog insmoothes the tear that slowly drifts down along your
cheak. From the windows, dull and dirty, dozens of white and
macabre looks scrutinize us as if it was to announce that this
time will be the last...
And I think of you again, crouched on myself, where the drops
of sad water of an october rain trickle on my face, I think of
this langorous smile again, more precious than your nudity,
this carnal smile, ecstatic, that projects me for an instant
again in a fantastic whirl of desolation.

I'm the angel of desolation, the angel of my own loss, the
angel of a shattered life on the wild flanks of a smile.

And I pour a thin and sad tear that shatters itself in a thousand
pieces on the streets from where your look haunts and
kill me.
(Forget me), ravage me and kill me. Oh drink my life in a
carnal impulse of desire, dream and fly me away on the peak of
despair, because I'm the angel of desolation.
Yes, I'm...

Act V - Tears of Sorrow

Listen to me, let yourself be bewitched by the sound of my
voice. Join my kingdom of light. Listen to me, listen to my

Under the dark clouds of may, a leaf slips over your face,
spring of love for tears of sorrow. Red eyes that wait for you
for such a long time under the moon light. I know that you'll
come, in spite of you... after all...
Don't try to know why, do you envy the destiny, statues that
never meet, that never touch?


Ne cherche pas … savoir pourquoi, envies-tu le destin des
statues qui jamais ne se rencontrent, qui jamais ne se touchent?
Sous les sombres nuages de mai, une feuille glisse sur
ton visage.


Regarde-moi, regarde-moi, regarde-moi vainc ta peur ‚trange,
tapie au fond de toi, ferme tes yeux et entrouve moi ton coeur.

Look at me, overcome your strange fear deep down within yourself,
close your eyes and open your heart to me. You didn't
beleive me, but what matters, wether you want it or not, we
threw a stone bridge between our two souls and the blood that
united us flows under the arch... I'll be able to cross it
when the time comes an clear a way to your heart. Under the
dark clouds of november a dead leaf slips over my cheek and
wipes my tears of sorrow, my tears of sorrow.

Act VI - Red Script

Oh yes, she was again, misery and mistery. Yes, it was her
again and this time, I was sure about it. Yes she has struck
again. Seeing that spectacle of desolation in front of me, the
victim, his heart pulled out divoured. Yes, it was her again
and this time. I was sure about it.

My darling, my love, before no, no, no, no... (bis)...

The cloakroom was not dark anymore. Candles, were burning
there, thousands of candles. I had to stop her, I had to stop
her. Suddenly the room began to spin and became white. My head
was still spinning, my vision was still shocked. She was waiting
for me! Waiting to use, all her power...
No pain, but a terrible horror. Worse, much worse than pain. A
chasm of regret and extreme affliction gobbles itself up in
the depths of... me. She gently climbed up along my spine to
suck up my life in a last kiss. Oh, yes, in a last kiss.

Act VII - Antofagasta

Fligh, bird fligh, hover on the human madness, sail, flee from
this nothingness...

Comtemplate the absolute with your penetrating eyes. Absurdity
of your enemy, fligh, float, (fligh away), to the eternal

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Line up

Gradel - All Percussion

Andy - Bass effect & German voice

Chiva - Guitars & Piano

Steff - Guitars & Voices

Additional Musicians:
Christine - Female Voice
Don Caceres - Sacuhachi & Oriental Flute (Tristessa)
Corinne - Violin & Cello


Lyrics by Gradel
Musical art by Sadness
Produced & arranged by Sadness
Engineered by Bernard Amodruz
Recorded & mixed at Studio Syxty, Lausanne / Switzerland
Cover design by Sadness
Logo graphe by Francois Meunier
Photo by Studio Photo Bonnardot / Sion
All songs by Sadness

P.O.Box 1951 SION


Well this sure isn't your average metalalbum. It's style is probably somewhere halfway between doom metal and gothic. And I don't mean 'gothic' like all the girlie metal bands but the darker kind. Singer Steff varies alot between clean singing, talking, whispering and growling, his lyrics sometimes english, sometimes french or german, but always dark. The guitars are also varied with distortion and clean / acoustic. With their minimalistic sound Sadness creates a dark atmosphere like no other and can't really be compared to any band I ever heard before.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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