Saor - Aura

Original Version LP Version Rerelease Version
1. Children of the Mist 12:14 1. Children of the Mist 12:14 1. Children of the Mist 12:14
2. Aura 13:39 2. Aura 13:39 2. Aura 13:39
3. The Awakening 10:09 3. The Awakening 10:09 3. The Awakening 10:09
4. Tombs 2:25 4. Tombs 2:25
4. Farewell 8:24 5. Farewell 8:24 5. Farewell 8:24
5. Pillars of the Earth 12:11 6. Pillars of the Earth 12:11 6. Pillars of the Earth 12:11
7. Ashes 4:26
total time 56:37 total time 59:30 total time 63:56

1. Children Of The Mist

We've been searching for answers in a distant place
We've discovered lost wisdom in a long forgotten age
We are heathens re-born
Sons and daughters of valour and lore
We are the haunters of woods, glens, lochs and shores

Our blood runs through the veins of this sacred earth
We are bound to this ancient land

Like rampant lions we'll roar and break free from these chains
We will never surrender to this age of degeneracy
With pride as our weapon and honour as our shield
We will never be enslaved, we shall never yield!

2. Aura

I see there woods, and I see there thickets,
I see there the fair and most fertile of meadows;
I see there the deer on the ground in the corries
Hiding in mantles of mist.

Lofty mountains and resplendent ledges,
There dwell my own folk, kind folk of honour.
Light is my step as I leap up to meet them;
'Tis with pleasure I'll stay there a while.

3. The Awakening

To truly understand the essence of antiquity
Learn the lore of the land
Become the atavist
Embark on a journey
Through the aeons of time


Like the druid
And wanderers of old
Follow the celestial compass
Towards the ether
And beyond the illusion of God


O, reignite the flame
Sacred fire of ancient ways
And forge an iron will
Within your heart and soul
This age will rot and decay
But stay focussed
Do not stray
From the overgrown path
Your forefathers once tread

4. Farewell

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer;
Chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go.

Farewell to the mountains, high-cover'd with snow,
Farewell to the straths and green valleys below;
Farewell to the forests and wild-hanging woods,
Farewell to the torrents and loud-pouring floods.

Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North,
The birth-place of Valour, the country of Worth;
Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the Highlands for ever I love.

5. Pillars Of The Earth

As the ocean swallows the sun
Shadows appear on the horizon
White headed peaks crowned by the dying light
Mark the funeral of day and the birth of the night

I begin my ascent
Towards the pillars of the earth

As I stumble along this meandering path
The bitter wind sweeps aside waves of mist
Perched on the throne of the mountain
I now gaze out onto the desolate plain
As I let my thoughts swim amongst aurora's light

Tonight I have conquered the stars

Andy Marshall – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Pads, Tin whistle

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