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1. An autumn leaf in the circles of time 7:21 1. An autumn leaf in the circles of time 7:21 1. An autumn leaf in the circles of time 7:21
2. Simply dead 2:56 2. Simply dead 2:56 2. Simply dead 2:56
3. A thousand rivers 3:51 3. A thousand rivers 3:51 3. A thousand rivers 3:51
4. Mistress tears 5:37 4. Mistress tears 5:37 4. Mistress tears 5:37
5. Carven 4:44 5. Carven 4:44 5. Carven 4:44
6. Spire 1:43 6. Spire 1:43 6. Spire 1:43
7. In rememberance of a shroud 4:15 7. In rememberance of a shroud 4:15 7. In rememberance of a shroud 4:15
8. Splendid horror 15:33 8. Splendid horror 15:33 8. Splendid horror 3:59
9. Lady Ablaze 7:31
10. Abandon 3:30
11. Cabinet Bizarre 1:13
12. 150 MPH 3:04
13. Bortgang 3:47
total time 46:00 total time 46:00 total time 53:30

An Autumn Leave in the Circles of Time

Music & lyrics by Austrheim

With neither speech nor portrayals
he gazed up towards infinity's face
and as aloft the circles he rose, a sudden
breath of dark forgotten dreams came true

For never had he entered the fiery gates,
the mirror passage entry
to another existance
To another plane

Above the circles emerged another dream
For no man of mortal shell could know
where or when this planet existed

He drifted and saw stars
sweep across the sky
He saw suns perish
He saw visions rise from
emarald darkness
And lunar moonlit seas
A thousand years and then
a thousand moons...

Simply Dead

Music by Austrheim Lyrics by Helgesen

A passion of tears
close my soul as I
reach for your caress

Let me die in your flesh
while the heavenly bodies
burn out before our eyes
let me die and die again

Taste my blood
with emotional lust
Let your touch
embrace my mind
Show me a hidden path
to the source of wisdom

You are the rose on my grave...

Traces of flames made of ice
Never, never
No, no!!

My river in which
the dawn never shows
is hope hiding

Blood of my past
is still dripping -
Simpy dead

A Thousand Rivers

Music by Austrheim & Helgesen Lyrics by Helgesen

Thousands of years have passed
Still we do not know
O tell me, please, tell me
what lies beyond our comprehension

We are nothing but autumn leaves
swirling in the circles of time
Haunted by the shadow in our past

Time won't sweep away
our deepest scars of memories
It will carry them along eternally

Betrayed by the enigma of existence
Yet, we admire this insignificance
O shameful, pathethic

Listen carefully
to the sound of an evening breeze
And the sound of a thousand rivers
struggling towards the sea

But all is so dead and silent
Wel, this way it's got to be

Mistress Tears

Music & lyrics by Austrheim

As the earth does weep
The sun being set
Each flower moistened
Like a melting eye

I have deserved all tounges
to speak their bitterness over me
The lake of my treasures darken
being blown with the wind

Her circled eye
enforced by sympathy
of those fair suns
set in her mistress sky
who in a salt-waved ocean
quence their light
which makes the maid weep
like the dewy night

Grief dallied with
no law nor limit knows
deep woes roll silent
like gentle wind

Behold the thorns
hidden under each rose

Distress like dumps when
time is kept with tears


Music by Austrheim, Helgesen & Overskott Lyrics by Keltziva

A world like this
we never before have seen
A prism in which the
shadows are all dispelled
We are not so far away from home
We are leaving again

Are you the one who will bleed my tears
of will my enchantment
burst once again?
Burst under your horrific words?

We do not seek to be the source
of your spells of sadness

I seek and I find my power to
creation, deliberation to expulsion
Do not sense, but see, my falsification

While I know this, I do not longer know
All there is, the taste of blood



Music by Austrheim

Jeg dyrker rottene
Til min egen vrede
Og ser mine spirer gro

I en kamp mot minegen glede
prover jeg å slikke min sår

Da jeg ikke lenger lot dem drepe
Og jeg så kilden til minegen ro
Skal minegen spire av meg selv
Bli til en mektig skog

In Remembrance of a Shroud

Music & lyrics by Austrheim

We who run
from the presence of the sun
By the voided bitter gleam
chasing darkness like a dream
All with weary tasks fordone
'scape the serpents tounge

To catch the shadow,
let the substance fall
Like the sun's bright beam
entangled in melancholia
Entangled in the black roars
of an image's stream

Put the wretch that lies in woe
in remembrance of a shroud
The match agreed
with flames admired

Now I find hideousness in mind
Shall I disturb this hallowed house?
I have been sent with dusk before
to sweep the dust behind the door

Splendid Horror

Music by Helgesen, Austrheim & Clausen Lyrics by Helgesen & Austrheim

To these pale spectres
dwelling in the blackness of my sins
I behold her swirling tongue
floating in my swart lake
I can almost touch her limbs

Cloaked beneath her woes
I found my nothingness
withered among the pity
It Was Dead

Splendid horror, splendid horror
Splendid horror, splendid horror

The blood-red water
drives me into ecstasy
I scream of pleasure
as I crawl down to her

Even though they fainted
there is really nothing to fear!!

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Line up

Keltziva: Female Vocals
Kristoffer Austrheim: Drums
Frode Clausen: Guitars
Ole K. Helgesen: Vocals and Bass
Elin Overskott: Keyboards and Piano



"Autumn Leaves" was recorded at Soundstudio
during December 1996 and March, April and May 1997
Mixed in June 1997

Produced by Dismal Euphony and Terje Refsnes
All cover art by Vibeke Tveiten 1997


To be honest, I don't think this cd differs much from their previous cd "Soria Moria Slott". Luckily that cd was totally great, and so is this one. They still have they very typical sound: Black metal with very very much keyboards, female vocals and cool melodies. Shame it doesn't last so long, as the last song is some kind of vague remix of four and a half minutes, then some minutes silence, and then an even vaguer song. But the cd is still definitely something you could listen to until your ears bleed.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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