Secrets Of The Moon - Carved in Stigmata Wounds

Original Version 2CD Version
1. Crowns 3:17 1. Crowns 3:17
2. Cosmogenesis 7:02 2. Cosmogenesis 7:02
3. Miasma 8:02 3. Miasma 8:02
4. Psychoccult Hymn 7:11 4. Psychoccult Hymn 7:11
5. To The Ultimate Embers & Ash 7:34 5. To The Ultimate Embers & Ash 7:34
6. Kaosthrone 7:45 6. Kaosthrone 7:45
7. Evolution Valour Admission 9:05 7. Evolution Valour Admission 9:05
8. Epoch 7:09 8. Epoch 7:09
9. Carved In Stigmata Wounds 12:21 9. Carved In Stigmata Wounds 12:21
10. Dust 2:31 10. Dust 2:31
--- Bonus Disk: The Ambience Of A Dead Star ---
1. The Lonesome 4:40
2. The Devils Tempest 9:01
3. The Rite Of Mercury 4:58
4. The Protagonist 7:27
total time 71:57 total time 1:38:03

1. Crowns


2. Cosmogenesis

Black clouds have masked her image
Filth enjoys her beauty
Her creations
Her mysteria

All hail the new aeon

Hail stagnation!

In an art form
Too painful to feel
She let us feel her hatred
We are the scum
The manifestation of destruction

For they have never given much
For they have never
Expressed what they feel
In a world enlightened by scorn
They are the ones who fear

Minor divinity
Major pride

Commando nature
Collects its final weapons
With arrogance and ignorance

3. Miasma

Let them have their final martyrium
Let them come with spear and lance
Let them impale
When all is gone anyway
Let them come with a greater smile
When all is over anyway

Hail miasma
Reigning and raging and raining
Leaving reality behind

There once was a colour
In galaxies blinding
Giving them a chance to foresee

There once was a circle
Behaving like insects in webs
Possessed by will
Not dead yet

There once was a field
In a desolate nation
A field with space for millions to come

There once was a funeral
With a guidance to understand

4. Psychoccult Hymn

He has slided a painstaking life
Until he faced that death is about to stay
In a pace unreachable for human fools
In an ignorance that leads to destruction

Fuddled and frightening he draws last pictures
For remembrances to come and to go
As he grasps for worms creeping on ashes
The last supper, the last power of reasoning

Obscene visions
Streaming the mind of our central figure
As shit runs down from stillborn knees
As they stone him with all their force

This is a hymn for the beast
That lives in the hearts of its followers
Staring on seas of gore
Trampling on the bodies of the beloved
He is standing breathless
Helpless and worthless
Transcending into nothingness
Swallowing by the extravagant

The stiffness interrupted by some last twitches
Bygone for years it seems
And for one moment someone asks himself
If he would stand by and watch the scenery
By those to come next

5. To The Ultimate Embers And Ash

I am thee... liar
I am thee... star
(Through the) unnatural fundamental
We are...


Charon leads us against the streams of salvation
Sirius tongue like razorblades meeting the cold white flesh
Alpha wolves blinding the omega and guzzling what remains

White pathways
Traces to follow
Exile the stones from our legs
Through the unnatural fundamental
Here we are

Cruelty and iron
Risen from the scarlet
Statues from the plinth
Bases of triumph rewritten
Onward mega therion

Struggling and messing
Pathways to follow
Obscure splendours to find
Through the unnatural fundamental
Here we are

Through the quicksand of conspiracy we are sunken
Left seraph behind us and consumed the world with fire tongues

Where a new age collapses with the monuments of hell
We are, we are and will forever
Stay here

A shadow in the ruins of Armageddon
Fragments of a world which seemed so strong

Granting and raising the tone
To rape the seven, to worship the six
Granting and hailing the omen
When needles are sticking the eyes

6. Kaosthrone


Hell becomes passion
Pazuzus teeth in wounds so deep
Our trapezohedron
To be shared with the occult


Demonic might of Venus
Visualized kaosstar
Candles in the shape of a phallus
New dawn of the black order

For those who disturbed the spirit
The embodiment of kaos
Spiritual codes exchanged
Incantation kaosthrone

7. Evolution Valour Admission

Evolution valour admission
Conjuration of the next confession
Profound and deep but spiked with pain

Like a slot burned out on silent ground
Let her remember the logic of life
Let her share the fire

I want to die in hunger
Getting thinner and thinner
Until there's nothing left of me



Satan master


Evolution valour admission
Profound and deep but spiked with pain

8. Epoch

Outrageous outputs of enslavement
Nimbuses of nihilism
Like larvaes in the Uruku web
Entering the seven spheres of nonpareils

Who could ever fill this hole?
The first and the last breath lost to this world
Smiling for the drawings of tomorrow
For the air that fills the sky with stench

We face an unknown future
With the permission to leave life deserved

9. Carved In Stigmata Wounds

These are the spiritual forms of coma
We have entered a new definition of tradition
With wounds that cannot be cut
Any deeper any wider

Turning strength to a wreck of weakness
With fire and steel burned onto their foreheads

Brandings which mark a new act of behaviour
As we feed angels with pitch and tar

Centres of inhumanity
The foundationwalls of Utopia
A kingdom of splendid might
A stronghold of inviolables

10. Dust


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