The Vision Bleak - Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem

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1. The drama of the wicked 2:11 1. The drama of the wicked 2:11 1. The drama of the wicked 2:11
2. Secrecies in darkness 4:25 2. Secrecies in darkness 4:25 2. Secrecies in darkness 4:25
3. Carpathia 5:15 3. Carpathia 5:15 3. Carpathia 5:15
4. Dreams in the witchhouse 5:37 4. Dreams in the witchhouse 5:37
5. Sister najade (the tarn by the firs) 4:46 5. Sister najade (the tarn by the firs) 4:46
6. The curse of arabia 5:20 6. The curse of arabia 5:20
7. Kutulu! 4:40 7. Kutulu! 4:40
8. The charm is done 9:38 8. The charm is done 9:38
--- Bonus Disk ---
--- Live at WGT/Haus Ausensee May 2004 ---
1. Metropolis 5:19
2. Horror of Antartica 3:44
3. The Grand Devilry 5:01
4. Deathship Symphony 6:19
--- Live at Batschkapp Frankfurt February 2005
1. A Shadow Arose / Night of the Living Dead 108 Mb
2. Elizabeth Dane 89 Mb
3. The Lone Night Rider 82 Mb
4. Wolfmoon (videoclip) 39 Mb
total time 41:52 total time 11:51 total time 62:12

1. The Drama Of The Wicked


2. Secrecies In Darkness

[Scene I]

A black carriage rushing through the mountains of Carpathia.
The only passenger - the main character of this drama.

Titan wood and haunted hill, vales in which the wolf doth kill...
Wisps that in the morass glow mounts with diadems of snow...
Fog that swirls o'er moor and heath, the tawny owl sings from the trees...
From the ponds the old toad calls, this is where our drapery falls...
Eight hooves that pound the midnight groove...

Over stock and stone a carriage that winds upward the mountain pass, deep into the wild.
Crushing stone and shatt'ring bough under wooden wheel and moonlight breaks in spruce and fir and paints the night unreal.

With ruthless hand and turbid eyes the coachman drives his brute that snarls and sniffs but rushes on to escape that spook...
Six hours as the raven flies - still - to acquinted land...
Six hours till the sun wiil rise and morning shall ascent.

- Sleep my dear, don't bother thee with the idle talk of curse and evil blood that runeth in thy veins...
- In the cabin lies asleep unblessed by fevered dreams, traveller on his way home towards the sun's first beams...

3. Carpathia

[Scene II]

The carriage finally arrives at its destination.
Our main character talks to a villigian of the region.

From the deepest valleys to the highest mountain peaks which the sun caress with care.
Carpathia! All hail to thee!
Thy beauty is beyond compare...

When the soft white shrouds of morning dew lay down on the meadows green,
Thy prais is due, but keep thy poetry for the night you haven't seen
For when the sun doth set in Carpathia...
And the worm that gnaws the grave, crawls hence forth from gulf and cave
And when the moon doth rise in Carpathia...
Then the creature leaves the lair and the ghost is on the stair

For there is no such beauty in the morning light
Nor in the later hours of day
As when darkness fell in the deep pine woods
And the wolves go hunt their prey!

Ah, you should hear the sweet sullen song
Of the nightbirds call to the moon
And the glorious howling sound of the wind
In the wastes and all places marooned

4. Dreams In The Witch-House

[Scene III]

Despite all warnings the first night in the supposedly cursed house is at hand.

So, these are the walls
Wherein hides my doom
And night, when it falls
Brings ghoul-ridden gloom

Rest shall I find in here
'till death doth his deed
Away with these tales of aghast!
That bereaveth my sleep.

Now wine and dim light bring slumber to me!
A new morning shall prove them all wrong,
Them olde creeps and their
Dull fairytale fantasy.

The haunt is on...

"And to thee night appears
Sans the quiet of her spheres.."

No longer can I bare
The pesterings of light
Safe the sacred fires
That moon and stars ignite.

Good is evil, wrong is right
And thy horrors my delight!

The haunt is on...

No rest will I find
As long as a dream
Within my wretched mind
Brings darkness to sheen.

For sorrow and woe
Seem my destiny
No thought of dispersion,
Nor gleams of the hope
Of the hopeless
Have found into me!

5. Sister Najade (The Tarn By The Firs)

[Scene IV]

In strive for dispersion and to get over his evil dreams,
Our main character rests at a tarn near the residence.
Yet the night is not over and whether in fevered dream or not
- a ghoulish creature appears.

Truth - thy ways - what shall they bring to me?
What is soothing dream? What grim reality?
These days I strive - I hunt! - for clarity,
But yet I found an abyss of fathomless agony!

[Appeareth the nymph:]
Deep down in the waters I waited for eternity
Call my thy sister - thy sister najade!

Glaring light of truth - what didst thou send to me?
That soothing dream gave way to grim reality!
No longer shall I hunt for clarity,
Now that I found her here in brightest blasphemy!

Deep down in the waters she waited for eternity
I call her sister - sister najade

6. The Curse Of Arabia

[Scene V]

The following morning.
Confused by the happenings of last night he seeks advice at the church nearby.
The priest now reveals to him is true nature.

One thousand and one moon ago
In darkest age of yore
Man praid to ancient gods
And lived by secret lore
One ancestor of thine
Whose blood runs in thy vein
Who travelled all the seas
Was said to be insane
So in one fateful night
When clouds did hang the moon
He crossed the river Nile
And settled our doom
In the strange realms of Arabia
He fell to gem and gold
And in his greed he cursed ye all
By a spell of old

Temples were made
Built by thousand hands
And evil did create
Gold from the desert sands
Gem on Gold
Stone on Bone
...And all did pray to great KUTULU!

One thousand and one moon ago
In darkest age of yore
Man praid to the ancient gods
And lived by secret lore
Grand evil was invoked
Just one word can describe
"Kutulu" was the bane
That rode the winds of night
Great riches he did bring
To those that served his deed
But death and doom was cast
On folk not of his seed
All women have been stained
Filled with his black cum
His malice runs in thee
Be cursed Kutulu's son!

7. Kutulu!

[Scene VI]

The priest goes into a detailed description of the unholy rite
That did cast the evil spell onto our main character.

A moonless sky, midnight was nigh
No sound did break the still
A strange mystique
Was fellt in all
A spirit that seemed
Wrong and ill

Suddenly the cold winds blew
And coyotes howled afar
A mighty thunder shattered the earth
The growl of grand GNAA

Whisp'ring voices could be heard
Utt'ring a foul spell
Man circled 'round a secret stone
And summoned greatest hell

Cold blades did light in darkness
And the high priestess
Started the unholy rite...


Blood was shed unto the stone
That raised into the air
And from the ground crept
What seemed snakes,
But God know what was there!

Cold blades did light in darkness
And all the desert
Seemed to join the blasphemy


8. The Charm Is Done

[Scene VII]

Alone and confused - he looms in the cold shadows of the residence.

Now here I stand - shadow engulfed
Truth at hand, yet unresolved
The Mystery, that holds me tight
To lore and craft of shade and night

In dreary hours, dreams did unfold
And prophecies that have been told
Appeared to me as plain unreal
But destiny hath broke the seal

The charm is done, the seal is broken
In every part of mine chaos hath been woken

The spell fulfilled - darkness has won
No thing could ever bring me back - the charm is done!

I shall dwell in the abyss - in glory and in wonder!
In spheres in which my blackened heart forever mayest ponder... darkness

A business man in his best age is heir to the old family residence
in the far and bewildered mountainside of the strange region of Carpathia.

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