Original Version Cassette Version
1. Mr. faust 2:47 1. Mr. faust 2:47
2. Heretic 2:43 2. Heretic 2:43
3. Dias de las muertes 4:44 3. Dias de las muertes 4:44
4. Nosferat (instrumental) 1:13 4. Nosferat (instrumental) 1:13
5. Tears of sorrow (remastered) 9:28 5. Tears of sorrow (remastered) 9:28
6. Danteferno (remastered) 5:01 6. Danteferno (remastered) 5:01
7. Red script (version demo 1990) 7:49 7. Red script (version demo 1990) 7:49
total time 34:47 total time 34:47

Line up

Steff Terry - Vocals / Bass
Chiva - Guitars
Kron - Keyboards / Sampler
Gradel - Drums / Percussion

Additional musicians: Everenthia



Music by Steff Terry / Chiva
Lyrics by Steff Terry, except "Tears of Sorrow" and "Red Script" by Gradel

Recorded and mixed at Sadness Home Studio, 06.1997
Produced by Steff Terry and coproduction Chiva
Engineered by Sadness
Mixed by Steff Terry / Chiva
Mastered by Chiva / Kron

Cover concept by Sadness
Artwork by Rene Klitschnig


Guess this isn't really a new Sadness albums, just 4 short new songs, 2 remastered songs from the previous albums and one from their demotape. The new songs disappointed me at first. Some time later I learned to appreciate them more but I think it's still not as good as their previous work. The remastered versions don't differ much from the originals, and the demotrack is a nice rougher version of the cd release. So I wouldnt recommend this album for people who never heard Sadness before, but for the fans it's still a nice album. Sadly this album became the last they released... unless they decide to restart of course.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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