--- Hymn to Abramelin ---
1. Hymn to abramelin 1:08
2. Messiah 3:32
3. Anarchus 4:15
4. Space invaders 3:47
5. Thrashing madness 2:34
6. Future agressor 2:26
7. Empire of the damned 3:04
8. Total maniac 3:53
9. The dentist 7:51
--- Extreme Cold Weather ---
1. Extreme cold weather 4:22
2. Enjoy yourself 2:27
3. Johannes paul der letzte 3:40
4. Hyper borea 5:44
5. Radezky march: we hate to be in the army now 3:02
6. Nero 5:22
total time 57:07



Messiah Management
Daniel Appert
Ragazerstrasse 15
CH-7320 Sargans

Manufactured in West-Germany


Not many people know Messiah, and I have no idea why. This cd is actually two lps of Messiah put together, and the cd is from 1990, so the lps probably are from somewhere in the '80s. And from all the bands I know from the 80s, this is the best. Messiah play a very unique kind of death metal, with both brutal and melodic parts. The production is very vague, but this all just further enhances the atmosphere of the album. So if you see this one lying somewhere, just get it!

Rating: 8 out of 10

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