Original Version LP Version Promo Version
1. Cast Into The Unfathomed Deeps 1:56 1. Cast Into The Unfathomed Deeps 1:56 1. Cast Into The Unfathomed Deeps 1:56
2. Born In Flames 3:59 2. Born In Flames 3:59 2. Born In Flames 3:59
3. The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors 5:24 3. The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors 5:24 3. The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors 5:24
4. A Woeful Summoning 7:01 4. A Woeful Summoning 7:01 4. A Woeful Summoning 7:01
5. Cosmic Exile 4:29 5. Cosmic Exile 4:29 5. Cosmic Exile 4:29
6. Spiritual Supremacy 5:12 6. Spiritual Supremacy 5:12 6. Spiritual Supremacy 5:12
7. The Heritage 8:12 7. The Heritage 8:12 7. The Heritage 8:12
8. I, Madman 6:04 8. I, Madman 6:04 8. I, Madman 6:04
9. From Behind Comes The Sword 4:46 9. From Behind Comes The Sword 4:46 9. From Behind Comes The Sword 4:46
10. The Halls Of Eternity 9:38 10. The Halls Of Eternity 9:38 10. The Halls Of Eternity 9:38
11. Arrival 4:49 11. Arrival 4:49 11. Arrival 4:49
12. God Loves The Dead 3:49
total time 61:30 total time 65:19 total time 61:30

Born In Flames

I was born in the sign of Racea
From lakes of fire I rose
Born in flames to unleash Armageddon
The powers of Hades are in my command

In this grisly night
I ride the realm of Erebus and Sheol
Across the skies my mark will be known
And the seven seas
Will turn to rabid fire beneath my feet
As the blackened worlds above are shrieking

"By destruction he will build his reign
For he is the one who was born in flames"

Through this stormy night
And over these blazing skies
I reign in genocide from my thrones above
I conflagration of cosmic dimensions
Will flare up the lands in apocalyptic rage

"The time has come, the earth is burning
Embrace the new domain!"

The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors

Death herself had chosen me
To let me watch that gruesome scene
And she held me in her daunting hand
Amazed by that macabre view,
My heart begun to pulse
Galvanized by horrors that I saw

The battle was butchering and
The hordes were rising against each other
Saving nothing but death
The dust was rising up in the sky,
Dead bodies were lying on the ground,
A deadly mass of fierce warriors fighting

While the demons were prevailing
On the sons of god
They were tuning dirges saying:
Meaningless creatures, slaves of the light
I will triumph for the the evil lives in me!"

A veil of flames war covering the field
The bloody battle reached its end
The ancient warriors got victory in hand
The Battle of battles was won!

Her Majesty, the wicked one, was staring at her enemy
Thunderstrucks resounding once again
The seven angels holding trumpets disappeared
god left the field beaten as the earth started to shake...

It was my dream!!!

A Woeful Summoning

Crestfallen voices from the past,
haunting me
She calls me from the land of the dead,
in twisted tongues
The bells I hear are so cold,
and so woeful
Still I start heading for the graves,
beyond the hills

"I've been waiting for you to come
I am dead to the world, but you know I am here"

At last I realize I can't evade her powers
She's got me mesmerized by her cries

"I want you to come to me!"
"I've been waiting for ages!"

From the land of the dead,
I've been summoned
Her voices telling me,
to join the other side
And as my sense fades away,
my visions transcend
Now I realize,
where I am going

At last I hear, the bells are calling for ME!

Cosmic Exile

Watching the universe evaporate into aloof depths
As the realm of desolation unfolds itself to me

My existence now is mercurial
And my fate depends on the astral gods

"A place of loneliness and despair
Far away from the sun
Is where now you belong forever..."

The final doom still awaits me
And my future seems dreadfully dark

The storms from lower cosmos are rising
As the astral gods are awakening

Night after night I find myself
Trapped and lost in a world of solitude

Will I ever see another view?
Or will my essence be forever trapped?
In this corner of universe,
my little goes on unknown!

Spiritual Supremacy

Keeper of the Talisman of miraculous, virtues and powers
Greedy alchemist with inhuman knowledge endowed
Chosen initiate guardian of the unknown grialic plants
Prepare the elixir for immortality and rebirth

Open the portal to the astral gates of science
Mental illumination drunk from the golden chalice

"Gaucuma, key to clairvoyance
Muchamor, shaman's mushroom with mystic visions of truth
Honda, for the sacred delirious healing rites
Ayakuasa, death liane of the sorcerers
Yage, to see through walls and rocks
Guanata, sweet coma to the journey of no return"

The secret of divinity lives in this spell
The laws of creation now in my hands
Nature speaks to me in her occult tongue
Reveals to me the keys of her sacred entity

Etherial energies, the principle of life
I am the only mortal with the solar eye...

"The third Eye!"
Little by little the spiral takes its form
A vortex of magic sucks me to the core...!

The Heritage

"Obscure forces of the shadows I call you!"

I'm the one who raped the children of Abel
I am the wicked King of the night
And I am ready to face your strength
In the stone cold temple the four are gathered
The sweet innocent virgin lays unveiled
Surrounded by candles on the black altar

Companions and brothers, I want you on my side
Be ready now for our ritual shall begin

"Are you ready to become the Bride of Evil?
Are you prepared to receive my Dark Powers?"

"Don't let my beauty die away
Like a dead dry teal
Come to me, give me immortality
...Here on this black altar
I make my promise of faith!"

He's coming closer, and pierces her neck
With passionate inhuman fury
The cuts his pulsing veins
And makes her drink his precious blood

The two minds fight and dance together
A frenzied dance of secret love

"Under this ivory fullmoon
I rise now immortal!"

Now reborn with dead indifferent eyes
Join me night creature in my Anthem of Glory!

"Lord of Darkness,
Your obscure gift made me Undead
In crimson passion we'll live together
Screaming in filth
Forever damned!!!"

I, Madman

Walking in the dark
Not caring where it leads
It begins to rain
Drenched in cold (I madman)
I see a girl
The feeling of alone
I am drawn to her
She is shy and I become alive
The game
She smiles and my blood begins to flow
I madman
"Take my hand and walk with me
Beforewarned I am mad
Laughing now she follows me
What a bad day she has had
I, a madman walking in the rain
A rotting corpse that feels no pain
Upset and angry for feeling so alone
I wish to find a pretty face
And make her all my own"
Pretty pretty silent one
Standing all alone
Come a little closer
So I can hear your moan
Pretty pretty silly girl
I take your hand in mine
I promise that everything
Is just like wine
A bit afraid but still so brave
I madman
I think I love you
I madman
"A crazy violent stormy man
Hidden in a cloak
Walks now with a woman
Whose throat he'd like to choke
I madman who holds your hand
Like the calming of the sea
Watch me as your life unfolds
And your soul is given to me"
Many times I'll see your face
Damn you madman
You haunt me every night
Without a trace
I madman go to happy place
Promises, charm and smiling eyes
I madman
Always kind and always nice
I think you love my grace
"The game is dead you want me
Remember I am mad
Question after question
Takes her by surprise
I tell her I am wicked
And she is not wise
So take the hand of a stranger
You not a madman"
Silly silly little girl
I am having so much fun
So deep you cannot run
Pretty pretty stupid girl... Stay!
There is something I will teach you
Before you go away
"A crazy violent stormy man
Hidden in a cloak
Lies now on the corpse
Of a girl he used to choke
Laughing as he looks at her
With a smile on his face
Grins while he talks to her
And heads off to the special place"
I madman...

From Behind Comes The Sword

The final traces of the sun have been eradicated
as the earth has seen the coming
of our black domain
The lands are shrouded by the lunar shine
that now will be perpetual successor
of the radiance of the past

The world turns to black
Our army stands tall
Disposed to seat
Our final attack

Pathetic fear and apprehension fill the hearts of the
feeble lambs once shielded by their decrepit reiuge
Their wretched shepherd has been devoured
by the savage wolves and
Now they realize their scoffing destiny has come

The world turns to black
Our army stands tall
Disposed to set
Our final attack

"I, the Svartalv, Supreme Female
Feel shame for your pityful human form
May your soul be purified
By my Deadly kiss of death!"

The world turns to black
Our army stands tall
In fury and hate
From behind comes the sword!

The Halls of Eternity

The adamant gate behind me, has now been closed
A crack that has pulverized my mind

"What are you doing here in this world of dismay?"

Ancient decadence and sadness fill my ravaged mind
As I hear echoes of woe from centuries of dolor

Towards the blinding light from the nucleus I get drawn
As deafening cries of demons and angels burn my ears

The eyes that stare at me feel like needles in my brain
My blood is freezing by the sight of the fiery spectre

"I am the one who feeds on human calamities
Thousands of mortals suffer my power in this realm
Your presence has been desired for hundreds of years
Now that you have entered here

And as I wake up from the trance
I find myself inside an enormous odorous hall
Out here are all the horrors and beauties
Unknown to the mortal world

Out here in this forgotten world
All life seems to be condemned
Could anybody hear my screams of eternal pain?
I have drowned into a neverending world of trepidation
My mind is obscured by the darkest skies and fears

"Your soul is mine!"

Scrutinized, victimized,
hypnotized and paralyzed
By an infernal creature reigning
On thrones of torture and pain
Eternal enslavement I can't endure
Please let me die!
But in this world such wishes
Are not even heard

"Your soul is mine!
Your soul is mine!
You are trapped in my world
Your soul is forever mine!"

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Line up

Aphazel - Vocals & bestial rage, burning guitars, bass, keyboards

Deadly Kristin - Female vocals & seductive black arts

Krigse - Hammer of destruction

Guest musician:
Jesus Christ! - Featuring on "Madman" guitars, bass, keyboards and spoken parts



Recorded, mixed and mastered at Flying Studios,
Gravellona Toce (Vb) Italy, February - April 1999.
Engineered and mixed by Marco Negro
produced by Ancient

All songs published by Aphazel Music, BMI
except "I, Madman" by Carnygoat Music, ASCAP

Front and back cover by Perre Permentier
Layout by Ancient and Ilario Rabbiosi
Monk drawing by Ilario Rabbiosi
Photos by C. Damoiseaux
Deadly Kristin photo by Aphazel

The official Ancient web-page:
E-mail: ancientband@hotmail.com


This is already the sixth cd Ancient has made, and it shows. They play their typical own kind of melodic black metal very well. Lots of instrumental parts and added keyboards. The songs are very well structured and well played. But I do think this album is a little less than their earlier albums. All songs are good, but none of them really stand out. I'm think Ancient is playing a bit on routine here. Still very good, but just not that original anymore...

Rating: 7 out of 10

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