1. As one in darkness 7:51
2. ...Of aeons to come 0:53
3. Death to a king 6:41
4. Dead silence 1:54
5. The day of reckoning 6:58
6. Sounds of death 7:16
7. Beneath the iron sceptre 6:54
8. The brighter the light 11:13
total time 49:40

The Bloodthorn Saga continued: Chapter 2 The Battle of Tower Bloodthorn

Many years before the old man's tale of the tower bloodthorn was told to the people, in
the second millennia after the fall of the elder race, the people of the northern lands rose against the
tower's master. It was in the eight decade after the tower stood finished and the people had grown
weary of the sorcerer who's dark and twisted magic had laid the land putrid and unfertile. For
hundereds of leagues from the tower desolate wastes stretched as far as the eye could see. A dismal
void only broken by the old forest that stretched south- and westward from the foot of mistveiled
mountains, which now, as everything else, corrupted by foul magic hosted evil creatures, and i the
blackened shadows beneath the trees horrors best unspoken dwelt and neurished on the and pain
and agony of those wanderes who strayed into the woods.

In one of the cities that now laid under the sorcerer's iron grip a young man had become
the leader of the people. His beloved father, the king, had when the man was still a boy been killed
by the tower's servants right before his eyes and this had made his hatred towards the sorcerer
stronger than in any man. The young man was tall and fair to look at and all the people hearkened
when he spoke. Now as a king himself he addressed his people and cursed the tower and it's
inhabitants. It's presence had destroyed the land inw hich they had dwelt for centuries and his
powerful words arose anger in the men and all agreed that the time of reckoning was at hand. The
word of an upcoming war spread like a silent breeze across the land, even to the people beyond the
Aeidolon Fangs, and in secrecy swords and mails were smithed and stored in hidden chambers.

But the activities of the people did not pass the sorcerer unnoticed... In the dark caverns
beneath the tower that stretched all into the very bowels of the earth, gruesome weapons and
instruments of torture had been forget upon the very fires of hell for many years and an army of
foul creatures awaited the command of their master.

Finally the day of revenge came and in the twilight the gathered armies of men marched
towards the tower. Colourful banners rose against the brightening morning skty and the hails of ten
thousand men broke the silence as the king lead the way. Mounted on his mighty steed and clead
in shining armor he forced his army through the waterland and when the sun stood at it's highest
they reached the aberon fells, the last heights before mistveiled mountains and tower
bloodthorn, where between laid den-gordiath, a dry and desolate plateau bearing host to no living
creature or vegetation. As the kings army started the descent to den-gordiath the black, iron
doors at the base of the tower opened and the hordes of darkness pored onto the plateau in an
endless stream of evil, twisting horror. With a deafening shriek that pierced into the very bones of
the mortal army they raised their weapons in malice and the two forces clashed together. The
enemies were of countless numbers, but the king knew that when the armies of king faranthir of
the land beyond aeidolon fangs soon came to their aid, the dark horde would be outmanned and
victory would be imminent.

Four days earlier King Faranthir and his army of seven thousand reached the pass in the
Aeidolon Fangs and carefully started their journey down towards the 01d Forest. But when all his
army where in the treacherous shadows of the surrounding cliffs they were waylaid by the army of
the sorcerer's high-commander Morthion and were all mercilessly slain. So fast and lethal was the
attack that not one single creature, nor man or beast, escaped from beneath morthions iron fist
and thereby, on the day of the battle no word of the crushing defeat that had extinguished King
Faranthir and all of his party never reached the gathered armies.

The Battle raged on for hours, and over and over again the opposing armies charged each
other only to retreat soon after with their enemies right on their heels. But as evening came and as
the sun sank behind the Aberon Fells, leaving Den-Gordiath in pit black darkness, the King
understood that king Faranthir's army would never come to their aid. And so, as the setting sun
painted the sky and the walls of the Tower blood-red he withdrew the remnants of his army to the
Aberon Fells where they took stand. The legions of Darkness poored over the hill, killing and
maiming all in it's path and soon only the King and his guard stood alone against the invincible
force of a thousand blackened souls. All of a sudden the Black Army stopped the attack and withdrew
to the base of the hill where they lurked in the sbadows that now had all engulfed the
plateu. Then a lightning split the sky in two and in the brief flash of light the King beheld the fallen
that covered both the hill and the plains all up to the Tower that now seemed to glow as lit by the
very fires of Hell. He then understood he had led ten thousand men into a certain death and that
all hope was lost and his soul was condemned for eternity. Thunder roared across the landscape and
black clouds gathered around the hill which soon was totally cut of from the rays of the setting
sun. Such horrors was reveiled to the last men of the gathered armies that they all fell to the
ground struck by a fear so intense that their hair turned white and the rose no more. Only the King
kept on his feet and as the clouds withdrew he saw the Legions of Darkness part, clearing a path to
the black doors of the Tower, into which he walked never to be seen again...

To be continued...

As One in Darkness

In the blackened shadows beneath the mistveiled mountains
Dwells an ancient evil of a long forgotten past
Beneath the twisted trees it's hatred is growing stronger
Restrained for an eternity, soon to be unleasehed

Ravaged by a thousand storms
Scarred by the anger of gods
Tainted by a magic foul
Mighty mistveiled mountains

Reaching towards the sky like a thorn that's forged from darkness
A symbol of oppression, a monument of fear
In the tower bloodthorn the unspoken horror breeds
Hidden by the veil of time untouched by the light

Ravaged by a thousand storms
Scarred by the anger of gods
Tainted by a magic soul
In the shadows of mistveiled mountains

{{Come to me you pitiful mortal
I sense your presence ...and despair
Come to me you pitiful mortal
I thrive upon - upon your fear
Your soul for me, for me your flesh
Your pain and anguish - my life
Joined together, become as one
As one in darkness}}

{{Summoned by a chanting whisper}}
{{Your soul for me, for me your flesh}}
{{Lead astray from the path I follow
Can it be my soul is fading
Lost eternally
Embraced by evil
Surrounded by darkness}}

{{Come to me you pitiful mortal
I sense your presence ...and despair
Come to me you pitiful mortal
I thrive upon - upon your fear
Your soul for me, for me your flesh
Your pain and anguish - my life
Joined together, become as one
As one in darkness}}

Death to a King

As the dying sun sets behind the mistveiled mountains
and the shadows grow deep amidst the Aeidolon Fangs
The snowclad peaks almost hid by the cold evening fog
gleams with hellish fire under the deep blue northern sky

Hidden in the shadows thousand red eyes gleam in the fading light
As the army starts it's decent the mountainsides come a live
Crawling darkness bringing death through cold black shining metal
Reaping lives of mortal men in a bloodcrazed madness

As the hordes of evil tear apart the ranks of the mortal army
A black steed brings it's master swiftly 'cross the battlefield
Morthion attacks in spiteful malice his warhammer sheading blood
A shape so twisted by magic and evil his mere presence bringing death

The tortured screams of a thousand dying men haunt the midnight sun
A black mass of destruction brought slaughter clad in fear
The moon's grim face laughs in scorn upon the total death
The shapeless twisted darkness spread pestilence with it's breath

The Day of Reckoning

They gathered in the morning twilight, ten thousand mortal men
With banners held high to the sky, and eyes that gleamed with pride
Their hail was carried through the air as the king adressed the crowd
He spoke of the battle soon to come, and how the day would end in glory
They all hearkened to his wisdom and in their souls a hope was lit
And with his words still ringing in their ears they marched ...onwards into battle

The morning silence was broken by ten thousand marching men
Unknowing of what the day might bring their hearts all beat with strength
The day of reckoning was finally here, the slavery would end
with dreams of freedom they rose their heads and stared into the sun
A cold pale void on the freezing sky, bearly breaking through the dust
High above it's fading light lead the way ...onwards into battle

Before them laid a cold grey desert, a landscape void of life
The portal of the tower stared like the black eyes of the night
The tower stood as a spike thrust straight in to the heart of heaven
As struck down in to the mountain by giants of the past

Sounds of Death

Behind the shuttered door a voice from below the earth rumbled like the fiery pits of the underworld
And with such ferocious strenght it spoke, the entire world trembled
{{Hearken to me my legions ...walk out into the light and bring death and darkness with thee
March onwards my legions ...destroy everything in thy path
March onwards ...into battle
...March to war}}

The night opened it's eyes and gazed upon the gathered armies of men
Who greeted the coming horrors with a warrior's hail and swords prepared to kill
Endless was the stream of black that float from the heart of darkness
Greeting the men with a deafening shriek and weapons raised in malicious hate
Onwards onto the battlefield to welcome death and embrace the sufferings of war
With a thundering roar the armies clashed filling the day with the sound of death

Still the voice thundered over the sounds of the battle, spreading it's poisonous words to the attacking legions, encouraging
their maiming, praising their killing and honouring the slaughter they brought with them ...and pushed them further onwards:
{{Hearken to me my legions ...walk further through the light and bring death and darkness with thee
March onwards my legions ...bring pain and suffering on the way
March onwards ...into victory
March onwards ...into battle}}

Beneath the Iron Sceptre

Hooves of iron sounds like thunder from the blackest earth
It's the day of the beast the time for darkness' rebirth
Demons of war, bearer of plague and of pain
Minions of chaos, make holy blood pour down like rain

Flames of the earth consuming the living with sin
The scent of burnt flesh poisoning the air and the wind
Clouds of black ashes cover the sun and the sky
When day turns to darkest night all are sentenced to die

Enter a new realm of pain - So mezmerising to the beholder
Slaughter of the human waste - Crushed beneath the iron sceptre

With a word from the master, the high commander of hell
Death to them all, like a plague, by a malevolent spell
{{No sanctuary - no salvation to save you from doom}}
Slow death and torture 'neath the bloodred face of the moon

Enter a new realm of pain - So mezmerising to the beholder
Slaughter of the human waste - Crushed beneath the iron sceptre

The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadow

In the far horizon a shapeless darkness filled the sky
And slowly with a faint whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable
The nightshadow came crawling...

The ground was covered by fallen men, their bodies mangled and torn
Upon the Hillside the Final stand, and they knew they would come home no more
A deafening thunder shook the earth and lightning split open the sky
Rain fell like blood when the heavens turned black and the sun slowly withered and died

Engulfing the fallen and standing alike, killing the living and waking the dead
A darkness so black it would make night seem like day covered the hills and the plains
The hearts of the mortals, all but the brightest, turned to stone black as the night
But the brighter the light, the darker the shadow that consumes the source of all life

Trapped by the evil he set out to conquer, his soul now cried out in vain
His mind was twisted and lost in the kingdom where madness and suffering reign

Deformed by the darkness the Nightshade brought
Condemned to be killed but never to die
Forever in torment, chained to the throne
Where the Nightshwadow rules with death on it's side

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Line up

Krell - Vocals
Tom - Guitars
Kai - Lead and acoustic guitars
Harald - Bass
Knarr - Drums
Geir Mikael - Synth
Christine - Vocals



All music, lyrics and arrangements by Bloodthorn
<<Bloodthorn Saga>> by Bloodthorn

The <<Bloodthorn World>> and all names therein are created by Bloodthorn wit Torstein D. Parelius
Vocals on Prelude on <<The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadow>> by Frederik Schälin of Anata

Recorded and mixed at Studiomega, Sweden
Produced by Bullen (with Bloodthorn)
Executive producer: Season of Mist
Engineered and mixed by Christian <<Bullen>> Silver
Digital editing by Kristian <<Krille>> Olsson
Mastered at Studiomega by Bullen og Krille
Photos by Håkon Grav, except Krell by Torgeir Krokan
Cover art by Luis Royo

P.O.Box 76
Heimdal p.o.d.
N-7471 Trondheim


This album of Bloodthorn reminds me quite a bit of the previous album of Bloodthorn. It's still very cool but not very original. But the production is still great, the packaging still very cool, the stories told in the lyrics are still interesting. So it's not better than their previous work, but definitely not worse.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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