WAR Vol. I

--- ...And Oceans ---
1. ...Ja kylmä vesi nuolee oksaa 5:13
2. 100 meters final (accelerate) 4:48
3. Flesh (GGFH-cover) 4:58
4. Breeding the evil inside (Bloodthorn cover) 5:20
--- Bloodthorn ---
1. Spite 6:59
2. The end offensive (war III) 5:38
3. Dead men don't rape (GGFH-cover) 3:54
4. Kärsimyksien vaaleat kädet (...And Oceans cover) 5:05
total time 41:55

...Ja Kkylmä vesi nuolee oksaa

Minä, iknisten vetten panhina
Kullnvana sanana, olen kirjain
Upotettuna meren kylmään hikeen

Minä, kysymyksien vastauksena
Tyhjänä launseena, olen polkn
syvyyksiin viinilasien mereen

Kun tuuli sateen raiskaa
...Ja vesi oksaa maistaa

Minä, sanojen valtakunnassa
Ajatusten vankina, olen pilvi
Unessa pahin painajainen

Kun tuuli sadetta viiltelee
...Ja oksa kosteutta imee

Kun tuuli sadetta pahoinpitelee
...Ja kylmä vesi oksaa nuolee

100 Meter Final (Accelerate)

Etsin nutta pelkoa, syvyyttä
Mutta en ainoastaan yksinäisyyttä
Enkä kasvien kosteutta
Vaan lehtien knivaa rapeutta

Tuliset aallot kenossani
Nuolevat rutikuivaa ihoani

Inferno, the colourful symphony
The red stream of ecstacy
Face the mask's horror
The millennium of broken mirrors

Painajaismaisen sairaat äänet
Kehoni läpi kylmät väreet

Kärsimyksien vaaleat kädet
Nusien polkujet

Into spheres and new dimensions
The concrete side of meditation
Teleported to a higher level
This is the 100 meter final

En gloria av demoner
Kring operans smärtsamma passion
Kaos är en klenod
Välkommen till (O) tidsperiod


Riding the withered shadows grey
Below the nightsky blind astray
Hasty led, by the four I'm brought
To the abyss of bewildered thought
A path away from all that's mortal
They guide me through the spherical portal
Riding with the horsemen
Saddleback on black neurosis

"The dust it's silent hooves thread
The marsh of sleep where all is dead
Through Palus Somnii" as spite I'm lead

As spite I followed
One by one
Till corners four
To see all gone
With death I witnessed
Your pleads for grace
With famine
We sat your crops ablaze

Your people died
Your land brought to hunger
With pestilence upon you

As spite I followed
One by one
Till corners four
To see all gone
And finally war
Avoke the lust of my spite
As all I would conquer
The world would see might

As spite I watched
with a faceless grin
Your world led to ruin
As the manifest of sin
With Palus Somnii left behind
I crave the achievements
Spun of the mind
For I possess the four
As I remain spite as the fifth

(Merciless to the core)
"I shall strike down upon you"
As I bring the four
For I know those paths
I rode with my kin
To satisfy this craving
To revel in sin

The End Offensive (WWIII)

The Warmachine...

Blackwinged panzerdemon
Spewing thermonuclear blaze
Pure black omnipresence
Revealing the final essence

You will fall prey to me
No shelter from your destiny

All-out world inferno
Brimstone magma flow
Black clouds raining blood
Total hellfire flood

World war three
The end offensive
None left to witness
None left to grieve
(No soul
No heaven
No Devil
Hell's seven)

A warmachine
Perishing it's blackened path
World roadkill
One being under one will

Dead Men Don't Rape (GGFH cover)

[You deserve to die]
Just a night like any other night
Something just isn't right
Tonight - warm winds blowing
Moon glowing bright - tonight
Across the darkness till the time goes by
Clock keeps ticking

Abducted by fate
Use of force - forced intercourse
Hate behind it all
Restraint - the dice will fall
Just a night like any other night
Something just isn't right
Taking from her - life - tonight
Tearing down the wall
No feeling at all

[You deserve to die]
Dead men don't rape

Tonight wont be the same
Time to end your painful game
I may be a man - but I'm no man like you
I believe in nothing you do
Lower than the shit
That flows from your ass
Finger flexes trigger
You feel the blast
Bullet rips - ripping flesh
Ripping you - nothing left
Open wide - time to swallow your pride
Choke on your cock - how does it feel
Now you know the pain is real

I spit on your grave
As you lie there rotting
I shit on your grave
As maggots rape your body

[Die fucker]
Dead men don't rape

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Line up

Neptune - Guitar
De Monde - Guitar
Anzhaar - Keyboards
K-2T4-S - Vocals
Gaunt - Bass
Grief - Drums

Krell - Vocals
Christine - Vocals
Tom - Guitars
Kai - Guitars
Harald - Bass
Knarr - Drums



Something new in Metal. The rules are simple, with four tracks per band each one has to
create two new songs, to recreate one of the other's work, and to cover an unusual
group's title, GGFH in this one.
Let the best one win!

== ...And Oceans: ==
"Ja kylmä vesi nuolee oksaa"
Dry lung vocals by Wrath from Enochian Crescent

"Breeding the Evil Inside"
Vocals on the second song verse by Blastmor from Thyrane

Recorded at Tico Tico May '98
Mastering by James Murphy at Sound Tempte Studio
Music & Lyrics by ...And Oceans
Except "Flesh" by Walls/Anderson (c) Vile Music (ZMPL) 1993 (p) Peaceville Records 1993, and
"Breeding the Evil Inside" by Bloodthorn / Torstein D. Parelins & Bloodhorn
...And Oceans logo by Halojeesus
Dedicated to O.B.C.

== Bloodthorn: ==
Music by Bloodthorn, lyrics by Torstein D. Parelins & Bloodthorn
Except "Dead Men Don't Rape" by Walls/Anderson (c) Vile Music (ZMPL) 1993 (p) Peaceville Records 1993, and
"Kärsimyksien vaaleat kädet" by ...And Oceans
All arrangements by Bloodthorn
Session synth by Sigurd Engum

Recorded and mixed at D'Sign Lydprodksjon June/July '98
Engineered by Edgar A. Lien
Produced by Bloodthorn and Edgar A. Lien
Mastering by James Murphy at Sound Temple Studio

Bloodthorn P.O.Box 76 Heimdal P.O.D. 7071 Trondheim Norway
e-mail: tomjoha@czi.net


This is quite an interesting concept I think. The first four songs from '...And Oceans' are about the same style as on 'The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts'. Good melodic black metal, though not as good as on the previous album. Bloodthorn I'd personally never heard of, but they also play very good melodic black metal. Their sound is a little more bassy than And Oceans, and they also have a female singer. I should hear a full album of Bloodthorn before I could say which of the two bands is better, but I guess if this was a war between the two bands, Bloodthorn would have won in my opinion.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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