1. We care a lot 4:09
2. The jungle 3:10
3. Mark bowen 3:33
4. Jim 1:17
5. Why do you bother 5:39
6. Greed 3:50
7. Pills for breakfast 2:58
8. As the worm turns 3:13
9. Arabian disco 3:18
10. New beginnings 3:44
total time 35 min


We care a lot
We care a lot
We care a lot about disasters, fires, floods and killer bees
about Los Angeles falling in the sea
about starvation and the food that Live Aid bought
about disease, baby, Rock Hudson, Rock Yeah!

We care a lot
We care a lot
We care a lot about the gamblers and the pushers and the freaks
about the people who live off the street
about the welfare of all the boys and girls
about you people cause we're out to save the world


(chorus) And it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it!

We care a lot about the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines
about the NY, SF, and LAPD
about you people, about your guns
about the wars you're fighting
gee, that looks like fun

We care a lot about the Cabbage Patch, The Smurfs, and DMC
about Madonna and we cop for Mr.T
about the little things, the bigger things we top
about you people, yeah, you bet we care a lot

(chorus) And it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it....


Well, just follow your heart
Man oh man
Try and see, if you can
Ha Ha
Jungle sounds great
Lots of scary noise
Don't deter us from our journey onward

Hey man, let your spirit go
To the full extent of the meaning

He said, "And follow me to the deepest part of the jungle.
Where it is always dark and wet and warm
To the sacred part."

Well, just follow your heart
Man oh man
Try and see, if you can
Ha Ha
Jungle sounds great
Lots of scary noises
Don't deter us from our journey onward

We pushed and followed
Only our deepest, hidden senses, senses
And exposed to the elements
That lie within


Love...it's a beginning
A justifiable means to an end
And happiness, that triumphant feeling
Only comes from within
But ...you'll...never make the grade
No you'll never, ever reach that plateau
You're down below
And it's where your soul will forever glow
But it's not that ray of sunshine that feels so warm
It's just that bottomless inferno

You're in the depths of hell
And I think that's swell
And I hope you get well

Well done, fried in and out
Burned to a crisp, if that's what I wish
I didn't write the rules
I just follow them to a tee
Cause that's me, I'm evil
I'm hateful, I'm sinful, forgetful, mistrustful
I'm diseased and contageous
I'm suicide, homicide, genocide, pesticide

I'm a human bomb
I'll kill anyone
And so are you, So don't be coy
Cause you too can destroy me like a toy
Not like Mark Bowen
He never done nothin' to no one
... That didn't deserve it.


( Written by FAITH. NO MORE.)


Why hold on?
Your hands are getting sore
You must be scared of something
From the time before, well...
We're here again
How long, who knows?
It's not your right to tell me
Where this trip will go
Pull away
You're dying today
You could enjoy it
If you could take your feelings with you
But put your mind on me
And suck my energy
And see the speed gets higher
I see you hold on tighter....

But just fatigue
Is all your face will show
It's weary from the stress
Getting delirious
"I didn't want this race
We can"t keep up this pace"
We don't want to get well
We want to go to hell
We want an urban dream
The fucking urban scream
"This time was mine to borrow
I'll pay for it tomorrow"
You'll pay for it today
And as we drive away
I'll make my pleasure greater
Push the accelerator

(and down we go)


Over the hills they came from the valley
Making innuendos about my lack of talent, oh well...
They say that when I'm supposed to be singing
All I 'm really doing is yelling, oh well...
To you I say ....

Break out or get out
Then they say that i can't sing
That I don't say a thing
That I make everything up...oh well
To you I say...

Break out or get out
Break out or get out

Get out of your mind
Cause it's much too small
And there's so much going on


(Written by FAITH. NO MORE.)


One day you're thinking that maybe you're feeling better
And you're probably an OK person, if only you had a job...
Through the hollow tombs can see them
Through their mouths I can hear them praying for pain
But it's only a game

Listen, man, I know
That things are really rough
And everybody gets you
And life is really tough
But I know that deep down inside
There's a feeling that rides
All the way to the end

Thursday you sit in your room with the lights turned out
And you don't answer the door
Friday morning looks sunny and bright
Like it's going to be a good day
And it would be if only you had a job

Time is on your side, you're young
Don't waste your time today


Has it been so long?
Do you think we know?
Do you think we care?
Die...for the here and now
Do you remember why?
Do you remember how?

Face .... out
Stick your chest .... out
Stomach .... in
Thats right

Do you really know
Where the harems go
In the desert snow? Hail,
An oasis dream doesn't really seem
To mean a thing when you're out .... cold

So, hands .... up
Put your guards .... up
Feet .... down
Up .... down
Forward .... march
Left .... right
Cold .... cold
I feel cold


A glow in her eye
As he waved goodbye
That's where it all began
She was a loving girl
He was a caring guy
Together they had plans
They were married and had a baby
His name was Johnnie

Wait a minute, that's me
Why am I only three years old again
Spinning and spinning and spinning

There was no gleam in your eye
When you passed us by
In the parade this time
You had nothing to say
And you're always on your way somewhere
But today you just stood still
You were a quiet kind of person
Who asked for nothing and got just that
So they sent you away to kill for your country

Could you blame him?
Could you blame them?
No. And in the end
When we meet again we're friends
Will we ever learn that we are always God's children
And gods never made moral decisions
They made love

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Line up

Mike Bordin - Drums
Roddy Bottum - Keyboards
Chuck Mosely - Vocals
James B. Martin - Guitar
Bill Gould - Bass



Produced by: Matt Wallace
Recorded at: Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, Ca.
Cover art and graphics by: Olga Gerrard
Photos by: John Osato


Apparently this is the first Faith No More cd. I don't know exactly from when it is, because I've only got this rerelease that only says '(c) 1996 London'. But judging from the sound and the band members it Is their first cd. It sounds very much like 'Introduce Yourself', though the songs are a bit vaguer where Introduce Yourself is more straightforward. Also weird is that the version of the song 'We care a lot' of this cd is different from the famous version of Introduce Yourself. But this cd is definitely worth checking out.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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