1. Disease of life 4:57
2. Face of death 5:50
3. Y 3:49
4. The lost colors 7:40
total time 22:16

Line up

Riand: Guitar
Bouillou: Bass & Vocals
Lugon: Drums
Rössli: Guitar


In this world of silence, where no on hears your shout the reality of life becomes absurd.
To count the time gone by in considered a crima and earned money is not appriciated.
Your body will lie in the darkness of the night.
You cant change your fate, it is written since years...

Riand Philippe
Av. France 61
1951 Sion
(VS) Suisse
Tel. (027) 22 88 77

Music by Sadness
Lyrics by Lugon


Wow this is cool to listen to! The first demotape of Sadness, and here they play brutal old-school death metal with some doomy parts, a bit like old Therion. Very cool music, not very original though, and I don't hear much of the later Sadness music in it yet. But as a Sadness fan and as a fan of old school doomdeath this certainly is a cool demotape!

Rating: 7 out of 10

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