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Live Practice Demo (1998)
Live Practice Demo 1. No One Can Be Called As a Man While He'll Die 14:36
2. Desasters in the Sun 13:19
3. This Entire Fucking Battlefield 13:47
4. Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein 10:17
total time51:59

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Dead as Dreams (2000)
Dead as Dreams 1. Cut their grain and place fire therein 10:28
2. Dead as dreams 20:39
3. This entire fucking battlefield 14:47
4. No one can be called as a man while he'll die 13:10
5. Disasters in the sun 17:06
total time76:10

9.5 / 10 (20 votes)
#7 in top 10 from 2000!

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> From San Francisco, USA
> Members are:
Sarah Weiner - bass - was in The Gault and Amber Asylum
Joshua M. Smith - guitars - now in Futur Skullz, was in The Fucking Champs and The Makes Nice
John Gossard - guitars, vocals - now in Dispirit, was in Asunder, The Gault, Black Goat, and Dripping Mary
Casey Ward - keyboards - now in The Husbands
Little Sunshine - drums (1997-2009) - now in Embers of Euphoria, was in Sangre Amado, Saros
> Previous members:
Jim Mack - bass, vocals - was in Asunder, Black Goat, Slough Feg, and Abscess
> band has broken up
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