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the best black metal album!

Review by: unicron

probably my favorite emperor record, they really show what they are capable of here. the songwriting on this record is great but not much different from previous releases. I really enjoy the vocal changes, ranging from your typical black metal scream to wispers to clean vocals. with the exception of the poor keyboard sounds I would consider this record almost flawless. buy it.

Review by: seyone

SICK! is what I said when I first heard this CD. This whole production is far from the Mainstream black metal scene, with brutally fast guitar riifs, smashing drums and kick-ass vocals that create the image so unique. The way some of the vocals are sung in this album gives you the impression of this band's imagination. If you like the Medievil atmosphere and bleakness of black metal, you will like this. If not why are you reading this FUCKING REVIEW???

Review by: duplo_mccarthy

AHHHHH!! this is a black metal masterpiece! Emperor Rule on this recording and they show what they can do!!

Review by: chemicalmind

this is majestic black fucking metal album. words would falter to describe what i am hearing. only the black emperors are capable of blasting forth immense declaration of war against all that is humane. all the aspects incorporated in this opus kills. from the riffs up to vocal segue motherfucking armageddon. i daresay that ihsahn and the emperor horde have the most majestic imagination.
motherfucker kill yourself for this masterpiece.

Review by: jeurus

You're right, words cannot describe this masterpiece appropiately. Since the glorious beggining, it never lets go, through real anthems like Ye entrancemperium or With Strenght I Burn. This is one of those records that leave you with that feeling of conquering and destroying all that is flesh; along with Nightside Eclipse, this is a real devil worshipping method. I really can't describe the feeling I get when I listen to it.
Emperor never did better than this. 10/10

Review by: punkiller

Released on Candelight Records.

In 1997, many black metal bands released their breakthru records. Dimmu Borgir came up with its "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" and Emperor didn't draw straws who would be next. They wanted to be that. With an amazing comeback they forged an astounding record, that still is their trademark around the black metal scene with their debyt album "In the Nightside Eclipse".

Providing eight incredible songs this record proves to be one of Emperor's best - just like they all say. Songwriting is just great, like somebody here already mentioned, but that's not very similar to the previous album. No, this is even better. The only bad side in this album is it's 'non-atmospheric' sound. It still has very cool feeling, but "In the Nightside Eclipse" still leads.

No ordinary human being can create as awesome intro as "Al Svartr (The Oath)" is... it's simply impossible. Ihsahn and Samoth are both inhumans. And the joy just continues with the most depraving songs like "Ye Entrancemperium", "Thus Spake the Nightspirit" and "Ensorcelled by Khaos". And there wasn't all the good songs, no, there's more; "The Loss and Curse of Reverence", brutally the best song from this album with "Thus Spake the Nightspirit". "The Acclamation of Bonds" is also good with that one guitar riff with those two sharp notes... probably chorus. "With Strenght I Burn", overpraised song, but still good as ever. Only the outro "The Wanderer" doesn't seem to belong in this masterpiece.

To ask my opinion about it, it's rather simple; buy it or die. This album has the best songs in it.

Music - 100
Lyrics - 90
Playing - 91
Singing - 90
Sound - 85

Overall - 92 out of 100

Review by: Punisher

the best blackmetal album ever! this disc changed the whole scene, there is no doubt about that...

Review by: astathica

Fuck, this is overrated as hell. I thought this was godly when I first heard it, but how many Black Metal bands had I heard then? Three, at best.

Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk has its moments of pure chaos and insane blast beats courtesy of Tyrm, although I feel the cheap keyboards seriously detract from the overall feeling of the music (ironically enough, they were intended to add atmosphere). For example, Ensorcelled By Khaos is a real fucking corker - great intro, great atmospheric midsection, and then the keyboards that sound like they were purchased at the local toystore ruin the ending. Same goes for Ye Entrancemperium, The Loss and Curse of Reverence (big time), and a couple of others. Fuck, so many songs on here would have been great if the keyboards didn't interfere so often. The horn sections and a couple of strings should have been kept (the short atmospheric break in Ensorcelled By Khaos is fantastic) and the rest sacked completely. I've found that obliterating the keys as much as possible by fiddling with the equalizer on my stereo helps make the album sound the way I think it should have been played: furiously fast and ripping with as little flab as is necessary. Oh well. To each their own.

One other thing that grates my nerves with this release is Ihsahn's new vocal style. His "voice" was so evil before - what happened? He sounds like he ruined his vocal cords from shrieking before and is performing with a sore throat while he's got the flu. His clean vocals tend to be a bit more on the favourable side, though I've heard clean voices better executed (Garm comes to mind...). Oh, one last thing: there's some filler material on here (*cough* The Acclamation of Bonds *hack*). I FUCKING HATE FILLER!!! If the song blows hairy shit-crusted arses, then leave it out of the fucking album! To top it off we have three bonus tracks, one of which is actually worth anything (you should know which one I'm talking about - the re-endition of Inno A Satana on keyboards). In Longing Spirit is utterly worthless and sounds incredibly pompous and happy, unlike the other songs which are just pompous (Ihsahn was probably creaming his pants over his superior application of music theory he learned in his music course with Ihriel). Then we have a lousy live version of The Loss and Curse of Reverence. Ugh. Skip, please.

Alsvartr (the Oath) and Ye Entrancemperium flow seemlessly together: the intro builds up the tension until the second track explodes in a blizzard of fury (give the credit to Euronymous though for Ye Entrancemperium's blistering intro). Thus Spake the Nightspirit is a blatant display of Ihsahn's future indulgence in his technical masturbation, although it works fairly well here with a nice clean outro. Ensorcelled By Khaos is the best song on the album with a mind-blowing intro. Everyone knows The Loss and Curse of Reverence, and like the rest of the songs on Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk, it starts out in a blisteringly satisfying fashion with the right touch of atmosphere before the keyboards decide to ruin it. With Strength I Burn is a majestic epic with whirlwind blurred guitars and masterful drumming and *gasp!* no lousy cheap keyboard sections. The Wanderer isn't too bad, just a nice way to end off an album with a sorrowful melody. Fuck the rest of the album as it is filler material in every sense of the word!

Personally I'd settle with some Taake than this album any day, as Nattesid Ser Portin Vid is executed flawlessly in the way Emperor should have played this album from the start: epic, monstrous, raw, dark, majestic, and mystical. Setherial's Nord isn't that bad either as an Emperor substitute - sort of like what Emperor might have sounded like if they continued with the In The Nightside Eclipse approach, only with less emphasis and reliance on keyboards to create the atmosphere.

There, I'm done sacking the self-esteem of the Black Metal newbies. ;-)

Review by: Ankou

this album is a fast chaos of black metal distortion and lashed out vocals with some atmosphere.

Review by: forgotten

No one is going to like this but this is one of the worse black metal albums ever. It was so over hyped and over rated. It sounds like they made it up as they went along. Horrible quality recording makes me think that they were in competition with Darkthrone. The only good Emperor album was In the Nightside Eclipse.

Review by: Antipathy

What can you say when you review this album. Anthems... is without a doubt the best blackmetal album out there (joins Dimmus Enthrone, COF's dusk). The athmosphere in this album is so cold, dark and evil that it is hard to describe. The sound are so melancholic and psychedelic... I think the best BM song ever is included in this album, and i mean The Loss And Curse Of Reverence. You have to listen it... Other songs are fantastic as well. I must listen this album every week for at least once, although I remember it from the first riff to the last drum blast. FANTASTIC!!! 10 points

Review by: Random

this shit is exxxxxxxxxtremly brutal and satanic hail EMPEROR OF DARKNESS

Review by: seba

not a good Black Metal album. there is too much complexity in it, BM for me must be more monotonous. there is way too much experiments in this piece of music, too much keyboard especially. too much melodies, this album lacks the charme of primitivness, which old darkthrone, and the other norwegian classics achieved to create.

Review by: Keller

This is the first and prolly the best album of Emperor I ever had. I cant clearly say that cause IX Equilibrium and In The Nightside Eclipse have yet to be sent. DAMN YOU CENTURY MEDIA!!! But the lyrics here are very powerful. Filled with medevil literature. It could be a soundtrack to a dark tale of Norweigan Tyrants. Ye Entrancemperium is the best song ever (not to mention a great sex song) and proves that Emperor is on top of the black metal scale with Bathory and Dimmu Borgir. Perhaps above them.

Review by: hammerheart87

I am fan of EMPEROR, what can I say about this album?... Emperor realased another masterpiece, Anthems is extremelity high quality black metal, evil-speedly-music involve your ears and mind and transport to you to darksides of universe... another masterpiece just could be made for a incredible band... EMPEROR... once again, THEY RULES... ABSOLUTELY...

Review by: Northvisions

The satanic Emperor has always been an ok band, not something extraordinary, but listenable. I liked "Nightside" (but who didn't), and this one contains also great music, but the B-I-G problem is the bad recording of Ihsahn's voice; it's all to low, which results in good but noisy music without a real vocal.

7 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

Anthems To Welkin At Dusk is superb! I don't understand anybody that is into Black Metal that couldn't like Emperor... Anyways... Another masterpiece from the Emperors of Black Metal! 10/10

Review by: Lokist

everyone thinks it's so great
well ok it is good ! but the best black metal album ever??
i don't think so
but don't get me wrong respect for emperor

Review by: lord-atrament

Hail. This album is the centerpiece and pentacle of the whole black metal genre. How anyone could this this album is less than Ghaude-like is almost unbelievebale. The guitars and keyboards are at their strongest on this album and the brutal drumming is unbeatable (sorry Frost lovers). I did read one person talking about "The Acclimation of Bonds" being "filler" and I just want that person to know that track is my favorite on the album. Some filler it must be.

The thing that really makes this album so great is the production. Other Emperor releases (Their last comes to mind) have just as much chaos going on but with the cleaner production, the music seems somehow watered down.

No doubt this is Emperor at their finest, but this is also the whole black metal scene's shining moment. If you do not get that, then you should probably not be listening to black metal. 10/10

Nothing is better!

Review by: GhaudePhaede

What can I say about this album that hasn't already been said?? Its fucking amazing!! I am confident that I will never hear a better album for the rest of my life.

From beginning to end, this album is utterly perfect. The intro and outro tracks do an amazing job, and the songs within the album flow flawlessly from brutal as hell to melodic/atmospheric bliss and back.

The album runs at almost 45 minutes, but every time I listen to it, I wish there was more. I would give it a 100/100 rating, but it deserves more than that!

Review by: Kulden Morket

There is one bit of music in the album that never felt to me like it really fit in right, & when I buy the album I find it says in the booklet that that piece was done by Euronymous. I think they could have done a better job opening the album. (Alsvartr is great though) Everyone seems to think it's obviously great but the entire thing seems very difficult to me. I've been listening to it reasonably often for over a year now & there are still some parts that just sound like noise. It is very good, but that took me a while to figure out & I'm still puzzled with some of it.

Review by: Christmaster

As of January 2006 ANTHEMS is still and always will be the greatest black metal conjuration of all time.

Review by: Rack

classic album , one of the greatest ever. everything is perfect but trym's drums are not that good as faust's. 9/10

Review by: skwara

Well, pretty much everything has already been said about this masterpiece, so I'll keep it short and simple. Excellent musicianship and songwriting all-round, beautiful lyrics, the complexity is brilliant. A million times better than In The Nightshade Eclipse, in my opinion. My only problem is that Ihsahn's voice is a bit too low in the mix, so sometimes it takes away from the overall feeling. Nearly flawless. 9/10

Review by: False Messiah

Great album!!!! Emperor kick some serious ass!! My Favourite one

Review by: kiril

Well what can one say that hasn't already been said by others. This album is possibly my favourite BM of all time! I remember listening to this over and over again when i bought this. It was one of the albums that changed my life without a doubt!! It's just pure, well structured songs that take you from beginning to end with flawless beauty in evil! I love it!
I never tire of this album, EVER!
My favourite BM song of all time is the 'over-hyped'(as some of you lot seem to think) With strength i burn! I can never listen to that without getting shivers all over!

10/10 Best album ever!! In that category!!

Review by: Der Vergawaltiger

In my opinion it's overrated. First 2 sogs are the best of the album. I dont like Ihsahn vocals and their music is not so complex as people say. Nighside Eclipse is far far better. Never the less this album is important. Hear this, most people like it. :)

Review by: Mac

Highly sophisticated black metal with a very epic feeling edge to it.In my opinion their best record not even topped by In the nightside eclipse...Truly intelligent songwriting at its finest from non other than Emperor.

Highly recommended \m/

Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

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