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"As the Shadows Rise" can be considered as an improvement of some of the best songs of "Wraht of the Tyrant". The voice is much more clearer, although in this phase Ihsahn still uses the tradicional black metal voice (see In The Nightside Eclipse). Although it is very raw, we can notice the attempts of Emperor of trying to join the keyboards to the music, and they can make it much better than in "Emperor" or in their demo. So, "As the Shadows Rise" shows us the beginning of the true epic and raw maelstrom that the mighty entity of Emperor always carried throughout they carrier.

Review by: WeaklingAvenger

this RARE 7inch EP have very good songs & a nice piece of art work..
This is a "must have" for a real die hard EMPEROR fan!! if you have this EP KEEP IT! if you dont, i feel sorry for you! ;-)

Review by: Abhor

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