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It appears that this bootleg is made with a thought. The booklet contains two separate bios, the cover painting is phenomenal and all the non-musical aspects of this booty are topclass. Unfortunately the live concert from Baroeg, Rotterdam gets a bit messy because of the low quality of sound. That's why it's rather difficult to judge whether this is really a good release or not. It goes without saying that this bootleg is only for the die-hards like me. (NO SCORE)

Review by: Punisher

I find this release rather uninspiring...the sound quality is extremely bad. Well, it's a bootleg, you can't expect brilliance...Ihsahn's vocals are quite clear, but the guitars and drums are all muffled up. (BTW, "Intermezzo" played on this gig is actually "Opus A Satana"...) Anyways, this must be quite a rare live recording, so if you're a diehard fan like myself, you'll probably want to add it to your collection...

Review by: metal4ever

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