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WOW! It's one of the greatest live album I have ever heard. It agressive, with clear recording and with good track list which includes one of my favourite Emperor songs. The mess of screams and clean vocals of Ihsahn on the background atmospheric music make this live album a very good experience. I hope you will try it if you haven't 'til now /how could you?.../ and enjoy it as much as I have.

Review by: Zagule

This is a very good live recording. It is very clear and sounds better than alot of studio black metal records (but so do alot of things). It has a cdrom track that is pretty cool also. My only complaint is that you have to skip the first track to hear the first song on the cd.

Review by: seyone

now this is good, contains a lot of older tracks so its not all made up of the dissapointing IX equilibrium album, the cdrom vid is cool but the whole gig is out there on vhs and is well worth forking the pennies out for

Review by: unicron

EMPEROR - Emperial Live Ceremony
(Candlelight Records)
After the in my opinion a bit disappointing album "IX Equilibrium" Emperor felt the time was right to release their first Live CD. I was a bit sceptical about this initiative because it seemed to me that Emperor's complex, technical and ultra-fast black metal would be hard to reproduce in a live situation without everything turning into one big mess.
Big was my surprise when I put this album in my CD-player. After a scary and hellish intro the band kicks off with "Curse You All Men!", one of the better tracks of the latest release. Immediately I noticed the superb sound quality. Every instrument stands out really well and not one second it sounds fucked up. This CD features all their "hits". You get a song from their first MCD, two from "In The Nightside Eclipse", three from "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk", three from "IX Equilibrium", a CD ROM track and some screensavers. After hearing these live-recordings I'm even more convinced that the last CD isn't able to reach the high level of the first full-lengths. I also have to get off my chest that Ihsahn's clear, opera-like vocals sometimes don't sound as good as on the regular albums. Don't get me wrong though, these are all brilliant musicians (just pay attention to the drum-work and the perfectly executed solos) and Emperor easily remains the best black band on this planet. To me the video-version, that contains magnificent footage of that same gig in London, is a better investment (you even get a video-clip of "The Loss And Curse Of Reverence" on top of the live tracks).
The choice is up to you, but if I were you I'd get this one cos it's really a superb documentary of what has become world's best black metal band...
My marking : 9/10

Review by: Jense

Emperor - Emperial Live Ceremony (2000)
Released on Candlelight Records.
Recorded in London 1999.

This live album had been one of the best albums in the whole world. Assuming that you didn't like IX Equilibrium, you probably hate this album, because this piece was made (at least it seems) in the same spirit as IX, but there are many good songs everybody must like. All the songs are just incredibly awesome, so I'm not explaining you each of 'em.

At first I couldn't possibly be more amazed that a band like Emperor can reach the same spirit live. And the playing is almost perfect. You simply can't mock this down. I didn't realize until after two harsh experiment that this might be the best album from Emperor, but then after a brief moment, I cleared my mind and keep IX Equilibrium equal to Dimmu Borgir's Spiritual Black Dimensions, the best albums ever available.

God damn you're going to love this. 99,9 percent agreed to Jense, but the scoring is definitely 10 out of 10. Dot.

Review by: Punisher

Released on Candlelight Records.

I'm positive, that this kind of records are released only once a lifetime. Though Emperor has released a whole bunch of awesome records. All the previous material has been recorded live in London's Astoria. Ah the bliss, what a glorious live album is released.

To say, that when "IX Equilibrium" was released, my expectations were really high for the follow-up. And what can I say? That they fucked up this time? No, hell no! This is what you get when three the most awesome black metal albums are combined; TOTALLY-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD! All songs are just perfect when you think that they are live. I thought that Emperor songs are impossible to execute live, but I was wrong. No other band than Emperor can make impossible things possible.

The sound is perfect for a live album and the playing is simply brilliant. The live shot of "I am the Black Wizards" is great, but the musical side is the best. Despite that the first track is computer data (that "I am the Black Wizards" -video shot and screensavers) this is the best live album ever. No doubt. Emperor proved to be worth their name again.

Favourite songs: "Curse You All Men!", "Thus Spake the Nightspirit", "An Eleqy of Icaros", "Sworn", "Inno a Satana", "Ye Entrancemperium"

Music - 99
Lyrics - 88
Playing - 94
Singing - 95
Sound - 93

Overall - 94 out of 100

Review by: Punisher

Iīve seen Emperor live three times and theyīve always kicked ass.

Itīs sad that the decided to quit but atleast the did it before the started to suck!

This album is great for those who didnīt get a chance to see them live and for rest of us itīs a chance to remember the great Emperor at their best

Review by: blasphemy666

This DVD is fucking excellent! Every song reaps of dark pain and the production is so good, except for the loss and curse of reverence video, in which the trebely production killed me, but thakfully i was resserected by the excellent riffs! Hail Emperor and Ihsahn's loin cloth

Review by: bauglir

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