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The production is horrible but who cares!! Simple the darkest of Emperor and one of the most classical black metal albuns ever, The lyrics of Mortiis makes us possessed and the music breathes darkness!!.

Review by: MESSE NOIR

Emperor, we're not worthy! We're not worthy!! We're scum!!!
The pioneers of blackmetal are really twisting your ears with this beauty...Even thinking about "I am the black wizards" or "Wrath of the Tyrant". Notice the little differences between the live version of "Night of the graveless souls" and the version on this one. That's right, there aren't any! Great, fantastic...

Review by: astathica

Great black metal album. I think this album is much more better than In The Nightside Eclipse because this album has a better sound.

Review by: celtic-frost

I agree with MESSE NOIR and astarthica... what more can I say?... EMPEROR... one of the masters of Black Metal genre, this album says all about...

Review by: Northvisions

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