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While the insert lists seven tracks, there are in reality only three long tracks. The first, "Slaget i skogen brotenfor", starts out with a synthesizer drone and a slow arpeggio of sampled voices. Fast drums and atmospheric guitars join in later, followed by a slow section featuring spoken vocals. These two sections alternate for the 12-minute during of the song, which is the best track on this EP. The second song, "Allfqthr Othinn" (not sure of the spelling) is a fine re-recording of the same song from their Ygdrasill demo. The last song is a ten-minute piece which seems uncharacteristic of the band (it sounds like a different band); it certainly doesn't sound much like the Viking Metal they would become famous for. This EP is worth seeking out for the two good Enslaved tracks, but the Emperor tracks aren't bad, either, with fuzzed-out guitars and raw production, I like this Emperor the best.

Review by: trollbundet

This release from Enslaved has always been one of my favorites. Enslaved wield soft buzzsaw-like guitars that hum with all the ambience of a viking funeral march. Even here, while still embedded in the old ways of black metal, there is a uniqueness to this material that gives Enslaved an ambience that few can match. Viking metal is redefined here and anyone who is inteserested in this band and viking metal should make this part of their collection.


Review by: starchildo

Enslaved is one of my favorite bm bands, and this MCD is something very impressive. Still with old style black metal riffs, but with great melodies and (of course :)) lots of viking spirit. A must-have album, at least in my opinion

Review by: The Trooper

These best songs of Enslaved and Viking Metal.

Review by: Beyto

WOW! This was, by chance, the first Enslaved material I ever heard. I will not lie, it floored me. It still floors me. I kid you not, it puts chills through me each time I listen to it, and it never gets old. Everything about these songs is beyond amazing. In my opinion, this is one of the few recordings I've ever heard that I would declare as being PERFECT.
The great thing is, the Emperor half of the split is also perfect. The universe must of been in perfect alignment during the time these were recorded. I simply can't get over how great it really is.

Review by: cockroach66

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