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The best fucking Black metal record of all time, NO question.
Raw yet majestic, this album is a beautiful as a clear nightsky with a cold breeze in youre face.


Review by: Carcass_alex

cold, dark, fast, symphonic... these are some words many reviewers would use to describe this record and who am I to argue? this is a rather well put together release worthy of any extreme metal fan.

Review by: seyone

One of the best blck metal acts of all time with one of the best black metal albums of all time. It has really catchy riffs, keyboards are sick and singing sounds alright. Easily the best Emperor album out their and if do not own a copy of this album - you can't call yourself a black metal fan!

Review by: duplo_mccarthy

no question the best emperor release ever.....cold and unholy black metal!!!!!
inno a sathana is my favorit emperor song ...........true masterpieace

Review by: Sad Spirit

In The Nightside Eclipse is probably my favorite CD of all time. It has a great atmosphere and is written brilliantly. This album influences my playing more than any other. The keyboards are very majestic and the guitars and fast and melodic, yet brutal. To be honest, I actually think Into The Infinity Of Thoughts is my favorite Emperor song of all time!

Review by: warheart

Released on Candlelight Records

If you take melody, and mix it with satanic influences... what do you get? The answer is simple
- Emperor.

Emperor's first actual album "In the Nightside Eclipse" is an exceptionally deranged album! It's furious feeling and incredibly fascinating atmosphere with catchy (but easy) guitar riffs - all combined - make an outstanding records! With eight actual songs Emperor's first album blasts an hideously deprived debyt. This is no doubt the best debyt I've ever heard.

Songs are all just simply; miraculous. Who the hell can make songs like "Into the Infinity of Thoughts" or "Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times" not to mention "Inno a Satana"? And again, the answer is simple; Ihsahn and Samoth. Mortiis' demonic lyrics make us all possessed and this brutal piece is really one of the most important albums in the whole black metal scene.

This album is simply brutally stunning. I recommend it to all who are interested in black metal, even just a little.

Favourite songs: "Into the Infinity of Thoughts", "Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times", "Beyond the Great Vast Forest", "I am the Black Wizards", "Inno a Satana"

Music - 96
Lyrics - 85
Playing - 84
Singing - 90
Sound - 90

Overall - 89 out of 100

Review by: Punisher

a superb album! in fact, it's almost the best blackmetal album ever...

Review by: astathica

One of the best blck metal acts of all time

Review by: midvinter2

well, i think that everything was said about this album!
I can just add this: Stop reading reviews on this album and buy it as soon as possible! I agree that there mustn't be a black metal collection without this album

Review by: Sargoth

One of the most overrated albums ever. It's a good album but nothing more. Some songs are boring as hell but tracks like 'I am the black wizards' kills!

Review by: Norrlands_guld

Is simple guys... one of the best production in the history of black metal...

Review by: Northvisions

If I have an album to bring in hell, I will bring this
Album; un chef-d'oeuvre ! very melodic and atmospheric
peace ; vocals are great, we feel the malefic ambiance
through our veins. 10/10

Review by: undead'spath

I think the best album from EMPEROR. But considering whole unholy bm scene not as good as many other recordings of other great bands, much greater than EMPEROR. You know about whom I'm thinking.

Review by: jarek

this Is one of the Best album in the history of the Black Metal, The Atmosphere is Incredible and the Music is pure Fucking Black Metal, the true Black metal¡¡¡¡ for my this is one of the bands who follow the true black metal feeling and one of the most tecnic in the style, they live for the black metal. fuck the other bands who belive in god and play black metal, this is the true Black metal. Hail mighty Emperor

Review by: Emperor_Belial

something happens with me when i´m listening to "into the infinity of thoughts"...that´s the greatest song ever written, and with that production...everything is so cold so dark so beautiful...i nearly cry when i listen to that song...and the rest of the album, well nearly as great as the first song...this must be the definitive black metal album of all time!!!11/10

Review by: magus_caligula

oh hell yes. one of the most majestic coldest and awe inspiring cd's to ever be made. buy this or die!!!!!!!

Review by: As_Dusk_Falls

Fantastic album. Very athmospheric and dark sounds, combined with great songwriting. Truly a masterpeace and a legend at its genre. If you like athmospheric metal, (even if you don't like blackmetal) you should get this album.

Review by: Random

Best album of EMPEROR..Ư dont love albums after this classic...Terrible...

Review by: Beyto

this is one of the best black metal is so melodic,fast and cold...i am the black wizards-is the best song ever...fucking yeah...

Review by: tenebrion

There's a reason every review here says the same thing. This album has a place in the annals of music history, not just metal history. What this record did for black metal and heavy metal as a whole cannot be encompassed in mere words. One of the finest pieces of art ever created. A Must-Own record without question.

Review by: slateman

it's a fucking great best number1 masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!

no word need..

it's a true black metal.

Review by: darkmania

This album is an offering from Satan himself. It's one of the single defining cd's in the entire genre (along with Darkthrone's A Blaze in the Northern Sky album), and is every bit worth all the hype its recieved. This cd's got it all - chilling riffs; haunting keyboards; garage production quality and some of the best lyrics and lyrical themes ever written in black metal. The album opens with a very dark electronic intro which then explodes into the 9-minute epic "Into the Infinity of Thoughts", which, in my opinion, is one of the gloomiest and most atmospheric songs ever written by any group. The other great songs include "Towards the Pantheon" which would fool you into thinking that Emperor have gone soft for once, but instead progresses and becomes a chilling fast paced monster of a song, "Inno A Satana" which, like the opening track, makes great use of Emperor's keyboard effects and entwines them seamlessly with the guitar tremolo and "Cosmic Keys to my Creations and Times", my ex-favourite Emperor song, also an epic mammoth of a song with great lyrics. But by far the greatest song on the cd is "I am the Black Wizards", their best if you ask me, a song in which all their song and lyric writing skills all come together in one frozen black epic track which most nowaday black metal bands couldnt even dream of coming close to topping. There are absolutely no bad songs on this entire album, even on Emperor's subsequent epic "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" the intro and outro seem kind of effortless, but on this album, everything is perfect, even the fantastic keyboard intro. Forget IX Equilibrium and Prometheus, this is Emperor's finest hour, and THE black metal album, dont even call yourself a fan of black metal if you dont have a copy of this.


Review by: Necrohell

I am the black wizards is an absolute killer!!! The best Emperor album, as almost everyone above this review has already stated

Review by: deathshandbag

Emperor is THE best Black metal band to ever walk the face of this earth! No fuckin questions asked!!

This album is brilliant. There is not one single flaw on here. Besides Transilvanian Hunger, this is the most cold, epic, atmospheric piece of Black metal you'll ever get your hands on. Buy or eternally regret it subhumans!!!!!

Review by: Warlord

Hail To Emperor! In The Nightside Eclipse is one amazing album! My favorite tracks are Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times, I Am The Black Wizards, Inno A Satana! If you don't own this CD... BUY IT RIGHT NOW! I promise you won't regret it! 10/10

Review by: Lokist

It always takes me a while to really get into and Emperor album. The extremely high distortions of guitars and the many layerings of sounds make for a rather not-so-accessible sound. But once you take your time and recognize every sound, it is an unbelievably heavy symphonic mix which makes storm of sounds. This one is probably the easiest emperor album to get into since there aren't that many odd accents and super-fast drumming parts, also the layering is not as complex as it gets in the next few albums. However, this album has an extremely dark atmosphere which is unmatched by other albums. The reason for that might be the type of "goth vocal" sound which is used for the keyboards, plus the specific chord selections of the guitars(best example: I am the black wizard)
The bottom line is that although this is not the most technical and diverse Emperor album, it probably is the most "evil" one, and for that, it is highly recommanded.

Review by: lucifer6

inno a satana is one of the black metal hymns, is fucking great song with great start and perfect end.

Review by: blot

Total atmosphere. i hace actually got cold while listening to this album. I Am The Black Wizards remains my favourite Emperor track

Review by: Revelations

i just had to write a quick review... obviously this cd is a must have for every self respecting black metal heathen! i vividly remember when this cd first came out- it was an instantaneous classic. remember, put yourself in that same frame of mind when you first heard it- i think every black metaller was impressed, if not floored.

Review by: pannick

The pinnicle of the mighty EMPEROR! From start to finish its a sweeping, majestic and epic album that i still havent got tired of and I don't think I ever will.

Review by: goatboy057

"summon the souls of macrocosm.
No age will escape my wrath.
I travel through time and I return to the future.
I gather wisdom now lost."

This is a special album due to its quality and its importance in the history of black metal. The innovation and the atmosphere in this albumis captivating. It is amazing how such young musicians created this masterpiece. The highlight of this album is the mix of melody and rawness. The songs are based on simple synthesized melodies that create a vivid atmospheric sound when combined with the vocals. The songs smoothly change pace to prevent monotony.The guitar playing, the vocals and the drums represent the brutal elements which move in and out of the synthesized background to create the atmosphere so revered. The lyrics hover around themes of nature, redemption, discovery and ambition conveying the feeling of romanticism.All these elements make a killer combination.

The album has been criticized as being too pompous and too over the top. But it is a part of the big statement that Emperor made and it was definitely felt by the black metal fans. One word to describe this album is - majestic. This is an album which a must have for all who dare to say that they are black metal fans.

The listener is recommended to listen to it during the night with the lights turned off.

Review by: error

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