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the first real taste of black metal for me and boy did i like it, just a sample of there up and coming almub realy but still kicks ass and worth a place in any metal collection

Review by: unicron

I was a bit disapointed by this mini-cd;
the 2 first songs are good but
opus a Satana is an instrumental piece (bad synth)and
it's a pitty because Inno a Satana is a great piece

Review by: undead'spath

Opus A Satana is fucking great!! It inevitably evoques the lyrics of Inno A Satana in my mind.

Review by: Okaherugul

The Loss and Curse of Reverence
Amazing song of course, but we have it on "Anthems..." as well.

In Longing Spirit
Despite what some reviews say, I think that (by Emperor's standards) this track is garbage. The opening riff sounds happy and lame, and the rest of the song never really goes anywhere. Fortunately the Emperors didn't ruin the perfection of "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" by throwing this crap on it.

Opus A Satana
This version of the "In the Nightside Eclipse" classic is absolutely excellent. Very epic sounding indeed- I enjoy it every time.

As I understand, there is also a video included on this cd. However, Im sure its one that all of us Emperor fans have already seen... so I would suggest this album only for collection purposes. "Opus A Satana" is good, but probably not alone worth the money.

Review by: Kulden Morket

Yes, this MCD is nowadays just a collector's item (seeing that all the song are included in the Anthems reissues...), but all the song just rock like hell!

Review by: metal4ever

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