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Very nice album with a lot of great hits. One of my favorite metal cd's. Like the silver disc more than the black disc.

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

i agree with the above, a great selection of classic emperor, and the second disc is a real treat. this is worth it just for the covers, especially a fine day to die, if you do not have the enhanced version of nightside already. the king diamond cover of gypsy is interesting as well.

Review by: frostdemonstorm

This is one of the best compilations I have ever seen/heard. The black disc has the album tracks. The silver disc has covers and demo material.
The black disc covers all their career, following no particular order, but presenting the listener with material from all their main records. There's even a live track taken from the Emperial Live Ceremony album. It has all the tracks you would expect, and the only one I missed was the Into the Pantheon from the In the Nightside Eclipse... It's a shame that it was left out, otherwise this would be a perfect compilation.
As for the silver disc, which contains covers and demo material, it is quite good. You would think that this disc would be just filler to sell one more cd, but the fact is that this second part is very interesting and quite good. There are some very good covers: A Fine Day to Die (Bathory), Funeral Fog (Mayhem), Cromlech (Darkthrone)and Aerie Descent (Thorns).
There are also older songs such as the reworks of Ancient Queen and Moon over Kara-Shehr which are classics. The excelent In Longing Spirit from the Reverence LP is also present here, making this a very interesting and enjoyable album to listen to.
Overall it is an excelent compilation, excelent to someone who wants to start listening to Emperor, excelent to longtime fans who want to have the best from their career in an handy compilation.

Review by: gloom

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