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love this record...nice with the ultrashitty old demoemperor!!!

Review by: magus_caligula

not bad..first Emperor stuff.I basiclly like the giutar riffs while the suond production and Ihsahn vocals are in my opinion not as good as the songwriting,and it ruins the total work.2.5 outta 5

Review by: the fog

best cd by Emperor, especially with Mortiis. He's so fucking awesome. Much better AND faster than CoF

Review by: EarthPentacle

In my opinion Emperor sounded better and more NECRO on their demo material. 2 of these tracks were re-recorded for In The Nightside Eclipse, but in my opinion the originals kick ass. Grim vocals, the rawest incarnation of emperor ever released on disc, with only a faint shadow of the more commercial beast they have become

Review by: blakk_mayhem

this was my first emperor album and at first it did take a while to get my head around the level of production quality but eventually i realised that this is one of the best albums by the best fucking black metal band of all time.

Review by: kinghelvete

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