Atrophia Red Sun

1. Infected Tears

Generations of animal fallen nations
Next generation, fucking brutal bloodied nations
Overwhelmed by our race and disaster, we can't stop killing
Genocide is suicide
Pain, like a bullet in your eye
Wrong side don't fall inside
Because you'll meet with total chaos

Infected tears, they will fall down
Infected tears, they will fall now

Insanity brutal part of reality
Another victim another lie, you cry
It makes me laugh how fake we are
In our poor life

(We will kill in the name of our blessed race
Nothing has changed, it's all the same
Follow leaders of their mandless games
They're prostitutes of the human race)

Unleash the chaos within, die...

2. Inspirations

(Mindless) generations of (blood soaked) nations
Predatory fucking brutal nations
Born to kill and (thrive on) raise disaster
In the name of retaliation
Scenes from the book of revelations
Taking place on the weaker minor nations
Is this my generation? Is this my world?

(Politicians always fan the flames
They're sick ambitions just cause more pain
Human race has nothing to ...
Infected tears will fall once again)

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