Grief Of Emerald

1. The Beginning

Creation ...
Stearing towards fire
But hell sent something
That followed forever

The shepherd of flames
Nailed upon the the birth of men
Cursing the pity day
When he rocked her cradle

And the outcome was seen such as angels
Considered devils by heart
And with fear, when the misfortuned serpent
Could fool them more then their god

Emptiness ground in his soul
He who killed his own son to regain
The control of that, given free will
Devil's own virtue to bother god's vain

Creation ... but what hell sent follows forever

So the almighty saved his own skin with consent
And the most unpure sin coalesced with man's will
Building herslef, in the depths of gehenna
the stake raised to punish virginity's guilt

Banished, united and vicorious
We direct our steps towards the path of the unknown ...

2. Winds Of Vengeance

What cross the thresholds to other worlds...
Armies gathering
For the war of their future,
With the dream of the storm's salvation
Brought by the winds of vengeance ... hail!

Out from the bonfire ashes
The witchery's rebirth
Creating their destruction
As war brings repent
This is the way to hell
Spawn of storm's descent

Mighty storms of damnation
Demonical wrath
Hallowed be thy name

Litany of storming damnation
Slay what may be in our way
Forever in warfare .. hail
The winds of vengeance
It is you it has condemned
Take its punishment
Welcome death or hail
The winds of vengeance
Vanquish the armies of god
Widespread the holy blood
Run wit hthe winds, cloven hoof born and hail
The winds of vengeance

Mighty storms of damnation
Demonical wrath
Hallowed be thy name

3. Warsworn

Baptized in blood by the hate in my heart
And tears wet the ground, painted black for the dawn
Allegiance is sworn by the reverent souls
None to obey but war...

Tides of grievance is marking man's fate
And die will they all, drowned in blood
Shed in hate
I remain incarnated, the demon of war
When my time has come, I'll arise!!!

Carry me twilight - usurp the warsworn

Firestorms blaze
Revive from your sleep
Consume, slay and shatter the feeble lord's sheep
Since oceans of time in the emerald sky
Since first life of mortals, honour finally die

4. Famine

Desire for the rotten
And greedy feeble flesh
Leads to raging battles
For one to concour death
Of life is all forgotten
Consuming but the dead
In quest for rotting meat
Starving blood is shed

Haunting weak flesh carrior
My life's revived by thee
Lurking in your nightmares
But sleep so your fangs won't grind

Your life is my salvation
Dread me on your own
There's no hope, there's no escape
You can't hide I'll hunt you down!

...And drought defeated rain
But none defeated pain
So man dissension driven
Drank the blood of long gone slain
Cannibal state awake
Mankind caress the stake
Reverent paying tribute
To the flesh....

5. Revival

the revival of the dead, essence of doom

In the name of Satan - we will punish god
In the name of satan - revenge for ancient blood

I stand bewitched by graves
for wich I crave
Leader of the ressurection
Of the slaves of the tomb, wandering soon ...

the revival of the dead, essence of doom
My ancient knights of once slain
To the destiny of life they are bound

Condemned to death, born again
Slain in the holy name
And the earth starts trembling
When god confronts his former fails

The revival of the dead, the essence of doom
My ancient knights of once slain
Warsworn they are bound

My ancient troops
Inhale the might of darkness
Inhale the magic life
Through the mist into lightning

Rise up ...

6. Nightspawn

Like that become, when darkness is upon you
After blessings heard in fading breaths
And sink below summer's bereaving carpet
To eternal perverse death

Lightning from the newborn eyes
the air is filled with flies
Feasting on flesh's disgrace
Circling as the infant's rightful crown

Kiss the ashes, kiss the spiritless
In praise to all the foul and hated creatures of this world
Kiss the sky goodbye
Light will cheer with absence for the newborn lord of flies


Darkwinged creation
Come forth from the shadows
Revel your lust for vengeance
Revel your endless hate

With you we'll rule the earth
Rule their dreams
Rule to breed
What famine feeds
Spread our wings
Spread disease
Live to let
Our pest unleash

With you we'll rule the earth
Reveal our might, infect the soil
Darken the hope op salvation in sight
We have arrived to end your lives
Kindred cadaver dine
So your wings mat hold out this flight

Swarm over the glory and grace
Covered in filth and blood
As icons of reeking disgust solemn rewarded by god
the horror strikes fast in their hearts and still,
Life never last foerever
Even angels from the sky to face us who never die
But the gates have already been entered
And the black in our souls
Will forever be ...
When the black sun once more rises
When only darkness lives

With you we'll rule the earth

7. Day Of Doom

8. Trinitian Damnation

9. The Second Dynasty

10. Emerald...The Beginning

[bonus track]

11. ...And The War...

[bonus track]

12. Mystic Silence

[bonus track]

13. The Forgotten Lies

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