Zos Vel Thagirion

1. Azazyel Iscariot

Awaken, O Vociferous Void!
With The Fury Of A Thousand Storms
Set The Temples Aflame,
With The Pyres Of Insidious Resent!

Nightly, Profound Void!
AZAZYEL, Untrodden Snake,
Sun Of Thagirion,
Wolf Among Scapegoats.

ISCARIOT! Carrier of Repent!
Speak The Name, Speak The Name,
Coiling around My Neck

A Mantra Roaring
Within Manipura
A Shivering Fear
Within The Core Of Our Heart!

As A Cardinal Sin,
As The Crown Of Mendes
As Judas Burns And Rises,
Into The Pits Of GA'AhAGShEBLAh!


Blazing Inertia,
Bringer Of Sinful Severity,
A Rite To Dissolve
The Hexes Of The Blind

A Call To The Depth,
To The Gaping Abyss Where
The Star Of Treachery Shines.
Flaming, Flaming, Raging EBLIS!
A Thousand Times You Deny,
And A Million Times You Fall!

Drone Of The Whispering Chaos
Rod Of The Serpents
And Fiery Will

To The State Of Ayin
And The Deserts Of Nothingness.
Now The Shrine Illuminates
The Darkest Night Of The Soul

Transform The Lies Into Razors
And Salt To The Tongues Of Those
Who Dismay!
Warfather, Prism Of The World!
Become The Scrying Glass,
Where The Race Of Men
Face Despair.

The Scythe That Tears Down
The Walls of Sorrow,
And Your Chains Wither Away!
To Lay Worlds Into Fire
Fire And Ash.
As The Heavens Torn Asunder,
Scatter The Stars!

2. Omphalos


This Is The Navel
Of The World,
The Axis Mundi
The Assemlage Point
Of All Things
Disgusting And Purid
But In The Darkness
Of This Matter,
There Is Light


I Stretch Out My Hands
To Salute The Sun
And Allow My Heart
To Fall To The Ground.
In This, I Myself Become
A Point Of Conflux
Between The Rising
Red Dragon
And The Descending
Black Dragon,
For In The Impurest
Of Matter
All Power
Is Present


3. The Solitary Immersion into Autarchic Silence

I know and understand nothing, I hear, feel and see nothing and that is my everything, the Alpha and the Omega. To know and truly see (that third side of a coin) I penetrate the murk in feverish visions with the reason aflame, in indomitable despair (stirred by the eternal returns).

An unrestricted ascent (of Sol Victus) is allowed in the limitless space of five pillars (where no guilt, fear, ressentiment reign). The sulphurous stigmas of past lives mirror in the black matutinal star, radiating – speaking, resembling a speech of god to a new man made in the last moment of eternity:

“The demise always comes in the cyclical waves (as the individuality is imprisoned in boundless space) until the atrophy of light reveals the time as it was in its initial point and the strange forms of platonic solids before they were cast into shapes and form (thus know that all acts only prolong this fall).”

Trapped in a non-time of relentless cyclicity at the bottom of hollowness (in the embrace of creator). Inside a triad of flames that breeds ideas (and triangles of light), hidden in zeroth dimension within patterns of higher art (where the pulse of microcosm measures the time of macrocosm). There, into the blackest abstraction of utter negation I push so the energy expands with exhalations into dark.

Is a man worth something, sub specie aeternitatis, even if standing within singularity, within the womb, awash with the foam of indignation of the previous lives? Should one burden a self further with the atavism of fear, like yet another entity of transcendence or deny humanity in the embrace of cosmic sanctuary, this divine fleshly prison. But could a god, one too many, choose the extinction?

The causes of all things change with the movement of the open Eye and fill the bottomless cup with drops of radiation (the act resembling maternal virtue). The new profound source culminates, burns
and brings light to suffuse each reappearing aperture in a fabric of cosmic void. Now the realization has lost its sense and the silence becomes truly everything.

4. Zos Vel Thagirion

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