Lux Divina
Paganature (demo)

1. Riding to the End of Flesh (Magic Final)

Riding to the end of flesh magic final,
magic death...
Open my eyes to life and death,
back ws the path of the lights.
Sweet tears in earth of wisdom.

I will be teached in the great battle and
equilibrium of the woods. I will ride
the horse of fire. I will dropped
in the deep dirt ARISE!
In the water I will see the reflect
of life embracing death. Crying the skies,
the earth speak, the seas dance.
I know that my disappearance
will never arrive.
The awaking of conscience will be
revelated to me. No one will survive
from the great battle.
I listen to my learned body
riding to my magic death with no fear.
Dancing with my free spirit,
even find (the path of the light).

2. The Druid

Master from beyond and of firm ground
Caress the wind and waves converse
with the beast.
In the name of the Druid.

You give energy to the arm
of the warriors, you evade yourself
in the bottomless forest,
meditate on the top of
the ancient stone, whisper to the trees.
In the name of the Druid.

Shout to the great thunder, the flash
of the ray reflects himself
in learned eyes. Lord of the hidden world
and of mystic arts, you possess the wisdom
of the immortal cult.
Ground, water and blood
in your hands. Fire in your head,
wind in your breath,
liquid crystal in your heart.
In the name of the Druid.

3. The Emptiness of the Snow

The sweet solitude of death is life
The excited waters of life are death

Return to the eternal light
Nothing is all

Listen to the sound of an hand
punching the wind

The emptiness of the snow is death
leave of invisible world
to come back to a perfect concience

To dimensions of ecstasy...
of pure light... and perfection

The emptiness of the snow
The world is empty

4. Atman

I am reality into the silence, the power
inside you. Atman or the power
of the great inside god.

I flow in the universe into the silence
I flow in the abysss... ATMAN! I possess
the cosmic key, in the gate I await for you.
You will choose the way
to the trascendence, is our mystic union.

Maybe the warmest hell where hammer
your sword? Maybe the biggest sky
where shout to the winds?
Or maybe you will prefer
to navigate in a sea without ATMAN
Energy inside you meditate and flow
with me, cause I am superior own.
Or continue to kneel
in presence of your idols.

Repeat chorus.

5. The Funeral of Night (Outro)

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