1. Exist


Misguided by the grand illusion
Of our short and futile lifetime
On the scale of this vast universe
Are we all born worthless?
Mystified by the unanswered questions
About the origins of mankind
About our role in the vast universe
Are we all useless?

We feed and we breed
Spreading our seeds
We're populating
We use and abuse
We're ravaging

Nothing... What are we here for?
Nothing... What should we live for?
Nothing... Are we born to die?
Without finding... The meaning of life?

Are you dreaming?
Are you thinking?
Before you die!
But are you alive?

Realize your relevance
Are you an empty shell?
Don't rely on someone else
But manifest yourself
Stand up proud, stand up tall
Take a look at yourself
What you do is what you are
Or are you someone else?

In the course of existence
We should prove our pertinence
Not rely on anyone else
But believe in ourselves
See it clear, all the gods are dead
Let's clean the mess in our heads
All we do is all we are
Or is there something else?

There is nothing... Nothing to be gained
In acting weak, miserable and lame
You're the only one responsible
For you enlightenment, your pleasures and gains
Everything is possible if you can break your chains
There's no one to be blamed...
You live enslaved or you make a change
There is nothing, nothing to gain

There is nothing, you live enslaved or you make the change

Tout au long de notre très courte vie
Nous questionnons la raison de notre présence
Et pourtant c'est ce que nous faisons de notre temps
Qui justifie à la fin notre existence

We must try our best to survive and prosper
To find a purpose to our lives we should be looking deeper
To keep burning a passion, you must feed its fire
The will of iron, the will to power
A never-ending quest and time is ticking faster
Searching all around for a clue or an answer
Keep going, never stop; persisting forever
The will of iron, the will to power

n our search for happiness
We're shaping up reality
Good and bad, happy or sad
Defining how we want it to be
Are we useful, are we useless?
The answer still remains a guess
We were not built for any use
So what's left to do is for us to choose

First prove your worth
Before you claim back what is yours
First you will serve then join the ranks that you deserve
Will you lead or will you follow
You take the path where you want to go
Ask yourself what you can do
Not what the others could do for you

We are not alone - so we try to communicate
We view the world - through different symbols and metaphors
Different visions - leading to hate and contempt
Understanding - seemingly unachievable

On a global scale - the world doesn't want to be saved
As individuals - we're at our most significant
Are we ready - to try to find a solution?
Do we really - want to change our ways?

Manifest yourself
Don't rely on someone else
Before you die
Experience life!

You trace your way - first try to save yourself
Let them follow - heading up for disaster
You walk along - on a lonely path you go
On your own - outcast but not alone

We trace our way - besides the heard mentality
Will they follow - don't look back, forward we go
We walk along - the road ahead is all we know
On our own - outcast but not alone

The only answer to the question
About the meaning of life
Our only goal in this vast universe
Is to use our time to the fullest
We're alive but time's running short
We will all die and so we must: Exist!

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