1. Epos

Only, where the sky is crimson,
I hear the moans and cries of the flooded city.
I hear whispers of snakes, shaman howls.

I believe that there is life under the water
the underwater world ‒ the white marble
underwater city ‒ stones of graves
underwater fire ‒ prayers of shaman... for the ancient gods.

City will sink, will be covered by gloom silent water, which will
preserve the silence
it forgot the past, it will not disclose the future,
it will bury the great secrets within itself.

The sun hides behind the mountain from the coming night
Only the voices of bonfire won't fall asleep, arguing with the
cherished darkness.
And stars again await for the dawn,
And waves hit the coast somewhere,
and waterfall splashes at some place.

When all of us, intoxicated by the power, perish into the eternal depth,
In dreams the only water will whisper at night
of the mysterious city, the creature of nature
and you will dissolve into the depth of water.
blinded by the sun and the moon
at the day and night...
Wind tears the waves into pieces,
it prays for return of the wise tribe,
stars scream into the depths of sea
for the whole eternity, thousands of years...

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