1. Journey Through Blue Nothingness

2. Kök-Oy

Kök Oy ran across blue nothingness,
The great river, the greates of all.
Kök Oy ran across blue nothingness,
Through the living flow of the mind.

There are no walls in Kök Oy,
Nor bounds, nor limits of matter or word,
No force, no watchful guardian,
But you won't leave it regardless.

Hungry shades lurk in Kök Oy,
Unsatible is their craving.
Yet they feast on themselves,
For they are all you.

Kök Oy has never existed,
It is a gaol inside your mind,
Where you are gaoler and prisoner,
Locked in an unbreakable circle.

3. Nomad

Cross the land far an wide,
Like a great ever-swelling flood,
Like a mealstrom of arrow and steel,
Like spirits of plague we have marched.

We have traveld from sea to sea,
We have crossed desert and plane,
And with winter's chilling embrace
We braught flame to the frozen land.

Our banner is omen of death,
Our warcry proclames the swift end,
And for centuries the will be songs
Of destruction we leave in our wake.

Someone said we are destined to rule,
Someone said war is measure of man,
Yet those who we young when we left
Have grown old, have grown weak and frail.

In the midst of victorious war,
Full of joy of plunder and rage,
We sometimes look around an think
Have we lost mor then found in the end?

Is there land in this bitter world,
That was created to fall our prey,
Where the spirit will rule over steel,
Where vision will soothe the blind rage.

Where blood will color baldes red,
Over poetry, not over gold,
Where the word has more value then strike,
Where the calm has more value then war.

ا منیمز یا ، منامز ی یا منامسآ و نیمز

4. Destroyer of Obstacles

At the left hand of Erlik you stand,
Clad in dark splendour of arms,
Destroyer of clamor and vanity,
You, the disperser of doubts.
The Great Black One, the sword of the path,
Subjugator of demons and gods,
Let my enemies fall down before you,
Let all obstacles fall in my heart.

With black snake as your belt,
You dance to the gnashing of teeth.
The light of the eye on your forehead
Cuts through darkness like steel.
You bring peace with your wrath,
Universal calm in your rage,
Your bloodlust is the breaking of circle,
Your strike is the fading of passion.

The path is clear now.
My vision is clear now.
Expance is open
And my vision is clear now.
My step is sure
And no hindrance before me.
My strike is sure
And my vision is clear now.

ما یکیرات یورھر
دنیرگیم اھنامسآ
تسا شتآ هرقن هام
تسا بوشآ ھمھ میارس
دیرگ یم نوخ نم حور
تسا کیرات نم هار اجنیا

5. Quest for the Soul

A baksa in sacred trance,
With a burning fuse in his mouth,
Offers his tears and maddening pain,
In exchange for the soul that was taken away.

He wanders eastwards to the shining empires,
Where millions bow to the will of the one.
He wanders westwards to the kingdoms of steel,
Where words are holy and life is cheap.

He is brought south, to the scorching deserts
Where price of gold is blood and price of water is gold.
And then to the north, where trunks blast of frost
And polaris shines numbly from it's iron pole.

And then ever downwards, to the halls of dread,
To the black den of ghosts beyond the Great Veil,
Where the First of the Dead holds his terrible court,
Where adders coil and his axe is the law.

When he comes to his senses he was left for dead
And the birds have pecked out his eyes.
The gods remained silent, his powers have failed
He wanders the waking world ever blind.

6. The Dream of Kojojash

When it came to the end,
On the side of a shiny high cliff,
Where no man can ever reach,
Where its top is near the sky,
I was standing alone there,
Unable to get down,
Nor to climb up to the top.
I was scared in my dream,
There was not even one crow
Which made the sound “kuk”
On the naked wilderness
I stood uttering a prayer.

If the dream has something
That signifies a bad omen,
Don’t hide, don’t hesitate to tell me.
If it signifies my death,
Just tell me that I’ll die.
Tell me that my noble soul
Will experience suffering.

7. A Dream That Omens Death

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