His Majesty at the Swamp

1. His Majesty At The Swamp

And then, came an angel
Who had a bright key
And he opened the coffins
And set them all free
Then, down a green plain
Leaping, laughing they run
And wash in a river, (and shine)
And Shine in the sun

2. Son Of The Moon (Act II)

The memories shift fast
Into the labyrinth of your mind
As you have forgotten the past
Oh! Son of the sky and the moon

Look upon the beauty of the red sky
Through the cyclones of hate
When the ruins long for the lost grandeurs (Lost grandeurs)
The mourning, the fear, the passion
All those who made you strong
When the fire and steel created the world
You lived and reigned upon, (once)
You trampled on it
Oh! Son of the sky and the moon

The memories swift fast
Into the labyrinth of your mind
As you have forgotten the past
Oh! Son of the sky and the moon

You who spilled the blood of innocents
Upon your feet, along with tears and woe
Your fixed glance is fading away
Into the horizon, as a sunbeam in the rain
You remember and your heart tightens from pain
For the forgotten times of glory
The hatred (your symbol), the fear your motive
Oh! Son of the sky and the moon

Destruction, she who gave birth to you
And replaced, your heart with frozen stone
Do not await deliverance from the priests of the temple of Amon
Who once you engulfed in flames
Only malice and curses, that fear the night as thunder

"Glory to thee who resurrects you
After centuries to sow
The ancient wickedness once more
Oh! Lord of the moon and the unspeakable darkness!
I leave to thee whatever hath been
Left from my divine soul
As a grain of sand in the vastness
Deliver me - Oh! Mighty father
And then - I shall be king!
Beyond the veil of death..."

3. Unholy Funeral

Merciless slaughter
On the altar of darkness
The demons are rattling their swords
The battle started
In the bowels of the earth
(In the bowels of the Tartarus)
Blasphemous warcries, leper sound
Miasma of a damned soul
The graves are opened

The time stopped
The psalms sound
The abyssis reign of blasphemy
The pleasure of sin, last invocation to thy

The bloody revenge boiled
Pain, hate for them
Who will not see the light again
The darkness is ruling
No mercy to the sacrilege dogs
Fire and leper-curse to them
Black mass, unholy invocation
Last confession, ultimate pain

4. Lustful Father

Hear his howling cries
Cover all silence of the night
Footprints in the weeping ground
It's the beginning of winter

The season of the wolf
The century of promise
Amon reveals the messiah son
This winter will last forever
Lustful father
Mist in the night
Tholio servant
Engrave the magic spells

The hunter now is the hunted
The forest wears its black
All nocturnal nature
Obey this unutterus born

The visions of our monarchy
Reborn in your eyes
We swear faith to you
Proudly (we'll) fight at your side
Lustful father
Embody like a wolf
Lustful father
Into man's skin

The hunter now is the hunted
The forest wears its black
All nocturnal nature
Obey this unutterus born

5. Nightly Kingdoms

Such different pictures
The loneliness kills
Waiting for bells to ring
The strikes to be heard
So much coldness circling me
The murmur of the trees
I'm waiting to see you
My eternal destiny!

The nightly kingdoms
The forgotten ones
Dark-dressed warriors
Searching for the key

At forgotten castles
At unholy graves
In my mystic tomb
Where I rest my soul
Ancient event awakes
An agreement signed in blood
Buried testaments revealed

Oh! I see it - in your eyes!
My name is Elrik
King of kings
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair

Oh! Dark - wizards
Oh! Mighty - lords
You rule now - our planet
As once signed...

6. Flowers Of My Youth

Oh! My crushing soul
Through my ebony tears
Falling on the fading
Flowers of my youth

Voices from the dark ruins
Of cirith ungol
Kutulu beckons me
From my darkest dreams

I'm looking at the last
Sunset which descends
Over the purple horizon
The purple horizon of my dreams
But as a vision
Your beauty is fading
Into the depths
Of my obscured soul

And now, the door is locked
Before me, and I still hear
The whispers of Kutulu
Shadows from the past

7. The River Of Souls

Unholy dream
Beyond the crucified gods
Unholy awakening
Beyond the forgotten memories
The idol of a false paradise
In the mirror of time
Souls are struggling - silence!
Inflamed from pain

And you are wandering
In an eternal quest
In the forest of souls
Searching salvation
In their shadow realm

Apocryphal invocation
And infernal psalms
Whispers at the wind of doom
Beyond the forgotten realms
Looking in your inner self
You realize, the truth

Your gods will defy
Your existence
In your weakness
You'll worship them
You shall remember
They shall forget
Forever be cursed
Till your soul meets unholiness

8. The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep (Act II)

Finally from the depths of Egypt
Nocturnal arrival of the strange one
Thou who was worshipped by the nomads
Thou who was followed by beasts

Abyssic born emerging from the sea
Forgotten lands and cold towers
Covered all over with seaweeds
The earth scratched in two weird plains

Circle within circle
Eye within eye
And when the sacred hour comes
From words they passed to obscure deeds
The final step before the apocalypse

Archegonic theory is fallen by reborn
Thy who believed once
Follow the light now
Marking the time to mystical tressbirth

That which saved him
Made him stronger
And he destroyed
Everything he had

The melouzin's child
is cast on earth
Nothing but shadows waves remains...

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